Thursday, March 3, 2011

Anthem 5K - Great Start to a New Year

Last Saturday, Jennifer and I ran the Anthem 5K to kick off this year's Triple Crown of Running.

We were both really excited about this race because we knew we could improve upon our times from last year. Her goal for this year was to do it in under 33 minutes, which meant she would need to average around 10 minutes and 40 seconds per mile.  Last year, she ran it in 35:08 (which is an average time of 11:20 per mile).

As for me, the 5K last year was rather difficult because I still hadn't solved my knee problem.  My time was 34:59 (I took off on her at the last minute ;) ).  Since I wasn't sure what a realistic goal was for me, I was hoping to do it in under 28 minutes -- I wanted to average around a 9 minute mile.

It really was a nice day for a race.  It was a little cold while we were waiting around for everything to start, but once we started running the temperature was great.

I guess I was too caught up in the excitement, because I forgot to look at the clock as I crossed the start line, so I had no way of tracking my progress throughout the race.  Maybe it was for the better, though -- since I didn't know when I started, I didn't let myself slack.  At the first mile, the clock was around 11:30.  I knew we were at least 2 minutes behind the clock, so I was thinking I was pretty close to being on track.  The second mile came in just under the 20 minute mark, so again, I felt like I was averaging right where I needed to be.  For the last 1.1 miles, I kept thinking that as long as the clock was under 30 when I crossed, I would hit my goal.

The last mile was a straight shot down Main street.  It was nice that it was flat, but at the same time, it felt like it went on forever since I couldn't see the finish line.  All I could do was put on some My Chemical Romance and push as hard as I could.  Just when I thought I needed to stop for a breather, I saw it!  The clock had just rolled over the 28 minute mark.  I was going to hit my goal!

I gave it everything I had in that last little bit, and crossed before the clock hit 29 minutes.  I had definitely hit my goal, so my next priority was catching my breath so I could backtrack to find Jennifer and help her hit hers.

I jogged back up Main street, feverishly scanning the crowd for her, which was really difficult since I was going against the traffic, and lots of other people we wearing white shirts with black pants.

After a couple of minutes I found her.  I could tell she was feeling about how I was at that point, but I pushed her to finish strong.

She ended up finishing 25 seconds better than her goal, at 32:35, and I came in at 25:45!  These are definitely our personal bests!

We were talking about how last year we were amazed to see the people who would run to the race instead of driving (or they would park a few miles away and run from there).  I think it's even crazier how her and I could do that now, even though we haven't been runners for very long.


  1. Congrats to you and your wife on your successful run! I've been talking about starting the C25K program lately and yours and Jennifer's story motivates me... if I weren't at work right now I think I'd get on my shoes and start day 1! You guys rock! :)

  2. You should totally do it! I really can't believe it's been 3 years now since we started. It was realllllly hard at first, since I was never very athletic, but after a while it does get easier. They have some C25K podcasts that you can put on your iPod that were really helpful (they tell you when to run so you're not constantly looking at your watch). Also, make sure you have good shoes. You don't really need them to start, but they are very important when it comes to preventing injuries. Good luck!

  3. Oh geez - that's a lot of "l"'s in that realllllly.... I'm scared, lol!
    Thanks for the advice - I downloaded a C25K app a few weeks ago, I just have yet to test it out. I've heard good things though so hopefully I can make myself find the time to start it... and commit to it!


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