Friday, April 8, 2011

OCD IPA Bottling

Here's a quick little post with the pictures from the OCD IPA bottling day last Saturday!

Giving everything a good soak in StarSan:

Letting the bottles hang out in the dishwasher until they're ready to be filled:

Boiling the bottle caps to sanitize them, and dissolving the priming sugar in some water:

I had to give the beer time to settle after moving it out of the closet, so I wrapped it up to protect it from the light:

Here is the beer being siphoned from the carboy into the bottling bucket.  The priming sugar was poured into the bucket first, and the beer was siphoned in on top of it to help mix it in.

Here's the trub at the bottom of the carboy.  Notice the layers -- the bottom layer is the proteins and fats and stuff, the thin white layer in the middle is the inactive yeast, and the top layer is the hops that were added during dry-hopping:

Getting everything set up.  I had this great idea to attach my bottling wand to an extra bucket so that I could fill and cap the bottles one at a time (since Jennifer had to work):

Here's the bottling wand, ready to fill another bottle:

Another picture of the leftover trub in the bottom of the carboy:

And here is what was left in the bottom of the bottling bucket.  All the "stuff" is leftover bits of hops that were still floating around in the beer.  I'm sure some of the little bits found their way into the bottles, but I don't mind.

I could only fill the last bottle up about 1/3 of the way, so of course I had to use that as a taste test ;)

Based on that sample, this is going to be an amazing beer!  Of course, the sample wasn't carbonated yet, and it was sweet because of the extra priming sugar, but aside from those two things it is very close to what I was hoping for.

According to, it's around 7.5% abv, but I couldn't taste the alcohol.  It's got a nice hoppy aroma, with a pretty mellow flavor, and a slightly bitter bite.  While I was shooting for a double-IPA, I think this one came in closer to a traditional IPA, aside from the alcohol content.  But since it goes down easy, I'm okay with that!

Other facts:
Original Gravity: 1.073
Final Gravity: 1.017
IBU: 51
Calories: 247 (per 12 oz)


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