Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Patio Expenses

After reading what the YoungHouseLove folks went through with their patio, I was a little concerned that the patio project might nickel and dime us all the way to the end.

But when I started running the numbers (before we actually decided to go through with it), it seemed like we could do ours for around $700.  I don't think we had any sort of "we'd like to keep it under this number" number in mind, but $700 seemed to be less than we expected, so we decided to go for it.

We had already been looking around at the different styles of pavers available to get an idea of what we liked that was within our price range, so the next step was to figure out how much gravel and sand we needed, how much it would cost to get it delivered, and how soon we could get it.  I found Crane Landscaping on Google and gave them a call last Wednesday.  It turned out that we didn't need as much as I had budgeted for, so we ended up saving around $50 on it, and they could deliver right away.  Awesome.

The next step was to get the tools and other things we needed, along with the pavers.  As I mentioned before, I opted to make multiple trips to pick up the pavers instead of paying the $60 delivery fee, so we saved some money there, too.

Here's the breakdown of how everything came out (including taxes):

  • Pavers: $277.14 (they were on sale from $2.98 each to $2.49, so we ended up saving even more!)
  • Gravel: $79.50
  • Sand: $47.65 (one scoop at $25 from Crane, plus 5 bags at $3.99 each from Home Depot... I should have called to see if I could have gotten a scoop and a half.  Oh well.)
  • Gravel and Sand Delivery Fee: $40
  • Weed Block: $30.67
  • Weed Block Staples: $4.20
  • Edging: $72.32 (this includes the stakes)
  • Tamper: $31.77
  • Line Levels: $2.72
  • PVC Pipe (for leveling the sand): $2.09

Which gives us a grand total of $588.05 for our extra 186.67 square feet of outdoor living space!  Now if only the rain would go away for a while so we can get it cleaned up and enjoy it!


  1. You guys rock! I'm totally impressed and I'm inspired to think up some projects we might be able to take on to spruce up our backyard!

  2. Thanks! I love doing hands-on things around the house, especially since I sit in front of a computer all day. And who doesn't like making their house nicer and more functional? I just wish money wasn't an issue -- I'd do a new project every weekend! You all should totally do some projects and blog about them!


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