Sunday, May 15, 2011

Patio Progress Update

As promised, here's an update on where we are with the patio.

But first, some more before shots.

As you can see, our yard needs serious help.  One of the reasons we wanted to put in the patio is to address that muddy spot at the bottom of the stairs.  Every time it rains, the dogs come scratching at the door with their muddy paws, so hopefully the patio will help a little.  And we're already coming up with more projects to do to the backyard after the patio is done -- one of which is putting down some sod.  One thing at a time, though.

So yeah, although it was overcast yesterday, it was a perfect day for digging a bunch of dirt.  I think we got started around 11 or so, and worked until a storm decided to move in around 4.  If the rain would have held off for a couple more hours, we could have gotten it all dug out.

We intentionally left a little walkway at the bottom of the stairs so that the dogs could out into the yard without  trudging through the mud, but of course that didn't work.  So after chasing them down and washing their paws off, I thought maybe putting the wheelbarrow there might deter them.  If you've ever owned a dog, I don't have to tell you that didn't work.  Oh well, the gravel and sand are coming in the morning, and it looks like we'll have clear skies and temps in the 60s all day tomorrow.  If all goes well, we might just be able to get this thing done!


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