Sunday, June 5, 2011

Backyard Update

So now that our patio has been in for a couple of weeks, and I've had enough time to rest and recover, we decided to push forward with our backyard transformation by putting in a new flowerbed around the deck.

Here's where we left off with the patio:

The first step in putting in the new flowerbed was to mark the outline with a hose and dig out the edge.  Once we had the shape we liked, we scraped off the top layer of grass (and weeds).  This actually took a lot longer than I expected because the ground was so dry (yeah, so much for the crazy amount of rain we had a few weeks ago), and the ground was riddled with the rocks the builders put under the deck.  Even though it was difficult and took a lot of time, I felt that it was a necessary step to help keep the weeds out (because I hate weeding!).

Next, I installed some lattice under the deck to discourage the dogs from running through the flowerbed to get under the deck.

Then, it was time to lay down the weed block underlayment, and start placing the plants.  I don't have any more pictures of the various steps, but just imagine a lot of hot, humid, sweaty digging and lifting and planting and I think you'll have a pretty accurate image of how the day went.

Oh yeah, and lots of re-hydrating...

It took us all day yesterday, but in the end I think the results were well worth it.  I feel like the backyard is really starting to come together now, and it's really becoming the kind of place where we can have people over and entertain like we've been wanting since we bought the house.

Before I get to the final results, here's one more shot of the backyard from earlier this year.

And here it is now:

Another to-do list item checked off!


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