Saturday, March 24, 2012

Speaking of fueling...

Last week we started experimenting with new fuels, and although it's really sad to see a local store close, we cashed in on their going out of business sale!

But first: Trail Store - you will be missed! We regret not going in more, because you were a really cool store. And thanks for sponsoring those trail races! Although we only did one, it was a lot of fun, and definitely wayyy more challenging than any road race! Also, I love your logo.

So yeah, at 60% off, we went a little nuts. Here's what we picked up for fueling:

We got a few different things to try during activities:

Those big EFS containers are good for 25 servings each, and each HEED box has 6 in it, so there's 69 total servings there. Hope this stuff is good!!

And since I love chocolate milk as a post-workout beverage, I just had to try the WHEY Chocolate from Hammer. Jennifer picked up the same stuff, but in vanilla.

The other package is Repair from Infinit, which I first read about in the You Are an Ironman book by Jacques Steinberg. Infinit is pretty cool in that you can go online and create your own customized drink (less protein, less calories, more electrolytes, etc).

I'm really excited to try it!

I also picked up a new running shirt

and some compression sleeves!

Plussss, we got all this stuff:

New dog collars (for camping and what-not, although Huntie's doesn't fit :( ), water bottle holders, a balaklava for B, and compression shorts for Jen!!

All for $126!

Yay for great sales!


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