Sunday, March 4, 2012

Triathlon Training - Week 5

Monday, February 27th - First Brick!  25 minute bike followed by a 10 minute run

I was planning on hitting a spin class at the gym, and following that with a short run on the treadmill (to start getting used to running right after biking), so once again I packed my gym bag before heading to work.  I must look ridiculous walking into work with all this stuff, but here's the luggage I pack to work most days:

Yeah, that's a mini cooler for my lunch.  What about it?

And my computer bag has gotten a LOT bigger now that I've gotten my fancy new laptop (with a 17.3" screen!  Oh yeah!).  Look at this beautiful thing:

Ah, so shiny.  But I digress.

I figure I'm more likely to actually go to the gym if I take the stuff I need with me to work.  On Monday, though, the weather outside was really nice for a ride at the park, so that's what I did.

I wasn't thinking when I decided to ride in shorts and a t-shirt, but aside from being cold the ride went really well.  I did 6 miles in about 25 minutes, which gave me a pace of around 14mph.

After I loaded my bike back on the car I set out on my run.  I almost forgot to switch the sport mode on the Garmin, but I caught it just in time.  I gotta get used to training with a Garmin!

Initially, my legs felt kind of like Jello, and it was almost like I was floating and not really running.  The pace on the watch reflected that, too -- I was starting out at a 7:30/mile pace (my comfortable pace is somewhere in the 9's).  After a few minutes my running started to feel normal.  I ended up running to the front of the park and back for a total of 1.4 miles in 11 minutes!  Granted, I was kind of pushing it so I could be done and go home, but that's an average pace of 7:58/mile, and it felt great!!  My pace to PR the 5K this weekend needs to be around 8 minutes per mile, so I'm pumped!!

And to celebrate I had Left Hand's Milk Stout, which was amazing!

Wednesday, February 29th - 6.5 mile speedwork

Did this one at the gym after doing some weights and ab stuff.  I was supposed to go for 7 miles, consisting of a warm-up, 3 miles at a pace of 8:36/mile with 1/2 mile jogs in-between, and a cool-down.  Somehow, I didn't get my math right (wait, is that possible??), and I ended up only going 6.5 miles, but that's okay by me.  My average pace was 9:05/mile, and to beat my 10K PR, I need to do better than a 9:19/mile pace, so I'm right on track!

Saturday, March 3rd - Anthem 5K + 5 mile long run

The Anthem 5K was awesome!  Here's a full recap.

Once the race was over, I had a few more miles to log, though.  After coming home and getting some food I set back out for another 5 miles to finish up the 8 I had on the schedule.

I didn't stretch after my speedwork on Wednesday, and I'm still regretting it -- my legs have been really tight over the last couple of days.

Aside from that, the run went really well.  I just ran around the neighborhood like I normally do.  And even though I wasn't really in the mindset to run, and I felt like an un-oiled machine, I still managed to get in 4.95 miles in 45 minutes.  My average pace was a 9:16/mile.

When I got out of the shower, the dogs looked as if they had run the 8 miles...

Things didn't really go to plan this week, but that's alright.  I'm mostly bummed that I didn't get in the pool at all, so I really need to make sure I get a good swim in next week to make up for it.  And I missed a bike, but it sounds like I'll be able to make that up next week -- Jennifer has a 2 hour ride that I'm planning on tagging along for.  That is, if I can keep up with her on her sweet new ride:

Yep, she's riding on an official road bike now!  Things are really getting serious!

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