Sunday, March 11, 2012

Triathlon Training - Week 6

Monday, March 5th - Brick - Spin class + 15 minute run

Last time I re-arranged my schedule, I moved one of my bikes to Monday night since our gym offers two spin classes back to back. That way, if I can't make the first class, I'll have the second one to fall back on (increasing my chances of actually going to the class).

That plan worked out perfectly on Monday; I forget what came up, but for whatever reason I had to go to the later class. I was running a little late right on time for the class, and I didn't really expect it to be full, but it was. Luckily, though, I found an open bike in the back corner.

The class was a pretty good class. It was an endurance class, and it incorporated some pretty tough hills with some high intensity training (i.e. spinning as fast as you can -- which, by the way, I felt like I was going fast enough to break the bike, but when I looked around I noticed that everyone was going at least twice as fast as I was... womp womp).

After the class I did a quick run on the treadmill. This time around I didn't feel like I was flying like I did during my first brick, but it wasn't too bad. I ended up doing 1.55 miles in around 14 minutes, which is the pace I'm hoping to have during the triathlon.

Tuesday, March 6th - 40 minute swim

I left work a little early to hit the pool and make it home in time for Jennifer to make it to her training, which meant I was swimming while the high schoolers were practicing again. Since I'm getting more and more confident with swimming it really didn't bother me this time. The only problem was that all of the lanes were taken, so I had to share a lane with someone.

Otherwise, the swim went really well.  Jennifer put together another workout for me, which had me doing a timed 400 meter after warming up. Although the first 400 I did (while following Jennifer) was easier, it was at a leisurely pace. This time around, I was trying to push myself so I can start to get an idea of how long the triathlon will take me. I'm still around the 10 minute mark, but for being so new to the sport I'm quite happy with how quickly I'm getting the hang of things (which, of course, is all thanks to my beautiful wife!).

Wednesday, March 7th - 5.21 mile tempo run

I almost didn't get this run in since a lot came up with life and work this week, but I was able to squeeze it in still. I'm glad I did, too -- it turned out to be a really good run.

I just ran around the neighborhood again, starting off with an easy warm-up at my comfortable pace of low 9 minute miles before doing 4 miles in the mid- to low-8's. I finished it off with a cool-down back in my comfortable pace. All told I went 5.21 miles in 47:35.

Saturday, March 10th - 8 mile run

Yesterday I had my long run, which I did around the water reservoir at Mary T. after I dropped Jennifer off at work. The weather couldn't have been better -- it was cool, but not too cold, and sunny. I should have worn my gloves, and I kept telling myself I'd go get them out of the car when I got back to the front, but I never did.

The loop is only about 3/4 of a mile, so to do 8 miles I did quite a few loops. I sort of have two views when it comes to running. Sometimes, I'm more like Jennifer, and I like to do my run without repeating my path as much as possible (so fewer, longer loops if looping is required, or an out and back). Other times, though, I like to break the run up into a bunch of little chunks. Doing that really lets me zone out and let my mind wander, which makes the time go by faster.

Physically, this was probably the best I've felt during a run to date. I seriously felt like I could have kept going, and this is the first time I've ever felt like I could actually attempt a full marathon. I credit my training for that. In the past, I've been notorious for skipping runs, and in doing so I've really hurt myself. This year, I'm really trying to stick to my training plan, and it's paying off.

I got my 8 miles in 1:10:34, which gives me an average pace of just under a 9 minute mile. At that pace, I'll have no trouble reaching my goal of a sub-2 hour half!

The crazy part of it all is that we went out the night before, so I was doing all this hungover, nonetheless!

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