Monday, April 23, 2012

Planting Seeds

You might have seen the post that over Spring Break we made a lot of progress reclaiming the garden. If you didn't read about it here.

But not only did we get everything prepped, we also got some seeds planted!

Here's the little work center we set up out on the deck.

Last year, we grew some herbs in pots on the deck and had a lot of success. But this year we want to use those pots for flowers, so we picked up a little herb set that came with everything we needed.

Here it is after Jennifer got it all planted. (It looks like the top pot has a bush in it, but that's just the blueberry bush in the background.)

Next up, and this is a little embarrassing to admit, Jen planted a pot B gave her for Mother's Day 3 years ago. She picked a cactus that's supposed to turn red at some point, so that will be cool to see!

I've never tried to grow a cactus before, so I'm not sure what to expect. Hopefully we won't kill it!

It said indirect sun, so our kitchen window sill should be the perfect spot, but aren't cacti found in the desert, where it's dry and sunny??

Like I mentioned in the first garden post, we're trying something new this year by planting wildflowers in the garden. We're both really excited about this -- not only will it bring some extra color to the garden (and hopefully make things balanced and organic and what-not by adding some variety to the plants out there), but we'll also be able to bring some cut flowers into the house!

Here are the seeds we're planting. I also tossed in some Gerber Daisy seeds I saved from the plants we had out front last Fall. (Side note - at $6 a plant, I decided to save some of the Gerber seeds to see if I could get them to grow so we wouldn't have to buy them again this year. I thought they were annuals, but we've had 4 out of the 6 plants we put out front come back already!)

And since we've had such good luck with blueberries, we picked up another blueberry bush.

Here are the veggie seeds we picked up:

The weather has been amazing lately, but we wanted to start the seeds in pots so we could bring them in if the weather got too cold. This is Kentucky, after all, where you wear shorts one day, and it snows the next (literally -- that happened earlier this year, actually).

So here we have 4 pepper pots, 2 jalapenos, 2 summer squash, 2 spaghetti squash, 2 zucchini, and 2 broccoli. Those round containers are some beans B planted for a scout project.

Since they were planted about a week earlier, they were already sprouting.

I also went ahead and planted some seeds directly in the garden. I know it's risky, but hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Here are the peas:

The packet recommends planting them 2" apart in rows, and thinning them to 6" after they've started to grow. Well I think that's wasteful, so I just planted them in rows about 6" apart.

And even though we don't have the climbing variety, last year they got pretty tall and fell over into a tangled mess, so this year I'm going to see how they do if they have something to hang onto. To do that, I made posts out of some PVC pipe I had in the garage, drilled holes in them, and strung some twine between them.

If it works, I can add another level of twine at the top of the posts as the peas grow taller.

I've also planted the romaine and some broccoli, since those can tolerate the cold weather.

I can't think of a better way to spend such a nice day. It's been almost two weeks now and things are sprouting, so I'll have some updated pictures soon!

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