Monday, April 2, 2012

Training - Week 9

So yeah, two races this week! That totally happened! But that wasn't all...

Sunday, March 25th - MY FIRST TRI!!

Also known as that time I dressed like a superhero and attempted three sports back-to-back.

Make sure you read how that worked out for me here.

Fun fact I forgot to include in my race report: I totally began the morning in good spirits, and even had Jennifer literally laughing out loud by doing Sheldon's morning vocal tests (from The Big Bang Theory).

I searched and searched and couldn't find a video, so you'll just have to be a fan of the show to get that one!

Tuesday, March 27th - 9 mile run

I was planning on going for a swim after work, and had packed meals and fuel accordingly...

...but once again, the weather was just too nice to be indoors.

That, and I haven't run 8 miles or more in over two weeks. With the race coming up this weekend, I needed to get in somewhere close to 10 miles.

After lacing my shoes up with some fancy new Yankz! (speed laces) that Jennifer won by placing in the triathlon Sunday (way to go baby! and thanks for already having some!), I was out the door.

I just ran around the neighborhood, venturing into parts I haven't seen since last year looking for as many hills as I could find. I wanted to sort of prep my body for the hills I'd encounter Saturday.

The run went really well overall. About halfway through I was pretty tired (probably from the hills) and hungry! So after a quick stop by the house for a snack and some water, I went back out and finished strong. Here are my splits:

After the run I had another chocolate recovery drink. This time I mixed it up in some almond milk, and it was much better than when I had it in water.

Hmm, how 'bout shaken, not stirred?

Much better!

Wednesday, March 28th - 1 hour swim

I made up for the missed swim today.

Like last time, I was mainly focusing on drills again, and most importantly -- doing them properly.

There are still some that I can't quite get, but there were others that seemed to get easier as I tried them again and again.

Toward the end of the swim, I felt like I found a rhythm again, which really made me feel better.

I did a timed 400 again (yards this time -- I was on the deep end for the first time), and I think I came in right around 10 minutes. Either that, or somehow I miraculously did it in about 5 minutes! Yeah, I don't think so either.

Since I had a little more time to kill waiting on Jennifer to get back from a bike ride (she rode from the pool to the park for a 1 hour hill ride before riding back again for a 20 minute run), I decided to go for another 200 yards. This time, I kept better track of the time -- 4.5 minutes!

Still not feeling great about swimming, but I'm definitely feeling better about it!

Thursday, March 29th - 1:15 bike, 20 minute easy run

Jennifer had another brick to do, so we decided to make a date out of it and check out the elusive bike path that's clear on the other side of the city.

After 45 minutes of driving, we had made it. And boy, was it a beautiful day!

Shortly after we started, we came upon a group of about 10 or so other cyclists. We decided to tag along.

At one point, the path went through a little wooded area which was really cool. The best part was the path was clear of branches and leaves and stuff (unlike other wooded sections we've ridden on closer to waterfront park).

We even saw a turtle! (Annnd, I got a picture of it while riding! Talk about timing my phone lag perfectly!)

Look at Jennifer signaling me to watch out for the hole in the middle of the path:

We turned around after about 8 miles just like I was thinking. This is where we'd have to get out on roads if we kept heading north.

Everything was going so well, until on the way back, when Jennifer tried to take a turn too hard and over-corrected and crashed straight down on her right knee.

She hit it hard, too -- we both heard a loud pop or something that we thought was the bike, but the bike was fine. It must have been her knee.

Of course, she was more concerned with the bike.

The rest of the way back was fine, and she even did the 20 minute run she was planning on. What a trooper!

We'll definitely be coming back to this section of the path! It was really awesome to see so many runners and cyclists out... it just sucks that it's so far away!

Come on city of Louisville... bring an awesome path like this to the northeast side of the city!!

Saturday, March 31st - Papa John's 10 Miler

Click here to find out how late we were, and how we came home with like 12 bananas!

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  1. That ride was so awesome! I can't wait to do it again (well not the crashing part.) Just seeing those pictures made me want to get out on my bike!


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