Monday, May 7, 2012

Marathon Training - Week 1

And so begins marathon training.

Yep, it's definitely happening.

And while I'm just a week past the mini, I'm considering this a completely new venture -- not simply a continuation of my previous training.

This training will be more important and more physically demanding than any training plan I've done before, so I have to hold myself to it. Otherwise I might die come September.

And I need to keep up with the cross-training, too, since I don't want to get injured.

Fitting everything in is going to be a challenge. I'm going to have bad training days, and I'm probably going to be complaining about it. But I'm going to try to keep my eyes on the prize.

With that, here is how the first of 20 weeks turned out.

Wednesday, May 2nd - 5 mile tempo run

Ran over behind Norton Commons while Jennifer went for a bike ride for this one.

This run had me doing 3 tempo miles at an 8:27/mile pace, which is a pretty good pace for me -- not too hard, but not easy, either.

But it was HOT out. I guess that's what you get in May at 10am.

I'm going to have to get used to it, though -- it's going to be a long summer. That's okay, I definitely prefer the heat to the cold.

I'm planning on running early as often as possible, too, but so far that's just something I'd like to do. We'll see how that goes.

While I was cooling down after my run, I looked down and spotted a four-leaf clover!

I've been pretty good at spotting them since I was young. Kinda goes along with spotting typos and programming errors for work.

Wouldn't you see that as you walked by?

I think I'm going to start a count of how many I see while I'm out running. They'll only count if I get a picture so there's proof, and only if I see them while I'm out on a training run. I see a bunch while I'm out cutting the grass, but those won't count.

Four-Leaf Clovers: 1

As for the run, my tempo miles were 8:14, 8:44, and 8:34, so I started out a little too hard, backed off a little too much, and finished out pretty close to the goal. I'm happy.

Friday, May 4th - 8 mile long run

Almost got out earlier for this one, but my iPod wasn't charged, so I didn't set out until 10 again. Maybe next time...

I decided just to run around the neighborhood so I could stop back by the house and get water or fuel whenever I needed it.

I did the first 5.4 miles before stopping back by the house. Just before I got home, I saw another four-leaf clover.

After cooling off for a few minutes and getting some fuel, I set back out. This time, I had the boys with me.

They were happy to get out, but I definitely should have taken some water for them.

After running for the majority of the next 1.6 miles, I decided to take it easy on them and walk the last mile.

While we were walking, I spotted another 2 four-leafers:

Four-Leaf Clovers: 4

(I actually saw another, but we were so close to home that I decided not to make the boys stop for a picture. This was before I decided to count them, so I won't let that happen again.)

Saturday, May 5th - 1.5 hour bike ride

Yep, Derby morning.

Jennifer and I got up bright and early to get this ride in. Since it was Derby day, and we had plans to drink all day go to a party, we thought it best to go ahead and get the ride in instead of waiting until Sunday morning.

Some pretty bad storms moved through Friday night/Saturday morning, but luckily there wasn't any rain while we were out.

We had to stop by Wal-Mart on our way out to pick up some inner tubes for my bike, though.

Ever since I got the new rim after my freewheel fell apart, I've had 2 flats. The first was the old inner tube, so it wasn't really surprising. But when I went to load up the bike for this ride, I had another. I thought maybe it was a bad tube, so I picked up a couple at the store and we went on about our business.

I don't like admitting it, but I was scared for the first time during a ride. The roads were wet, I was trying out my new clipless pedals and shoes, my tire could pop at any moment, and we started our ride on Shelbyville road.

Things were better once we made our way onto some back roads, but I was still nervous about my tire.

Overall, it was a great ride. The weather was nice, and we didn't have any issues. I almost fell once, but managed to unclip my other leg fast enough to save myself.

Just as we were turning into the parking lot where our car was parked, though, I noticed my back tire was completely flat. Again.

I walked it rest of the way and just put it back on the car. I'm frustrated by it, but I'm just glad it happened when it did.

After the ride, we met up with some friends for what might or might not be referred to as Derbreakfast.

What a great way to cap off a good ride!


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