Saturday, May 19, 2012

Marathon Training - Week 3

Thursday, May 17th - 5 mile tempo run

Finally got back out for a run today!

This morning started off cold, but it had warmed up quite a bit by the time I made it out the door. All in all it was a beautiful day.

And since the boys have been annoying us going crazy lately, I decided to take them with me for at least the first half.

They did okay during the warm-up mile, but they were dragging when I started the tempo miles. Especially Blizzard -- not sure what's going on with him, but he was really falling behind instead of being right at my side.

I brought them back by the house at 2.4 miles and set back out on my own.

After the stop, though, my legs were feeling pretty heavy. Then again, it was getting warm out, and I was running faster than I needed to.

Annnnd it had been over a week since my last run, so I should expect to be a little rusty.

During my cool-down mile I ran into a runaway dog, so I decided I was going to help return it to its owner.

It had a collar on, but of course it ran away from me as I was walking toward it. Eventually it ran to a house and stood on the porch barking at me. I assumed it was protecting its home, so I just continued on my way.

I ended up doing 5.13 miles in just under 50 minutes, and my splits looked pretty good.

My pace was looking pretty consistent, too!

Right before I got back home I noticed another four-leaf clover!

That brings the count to 5.

Friday, May 18th - 10 mile long run

Yep, back to back days of running this week.

Not gonna lie -- it wasn't the smartest thing I've done, but we're busy all weekend (having a HUGE yard sale to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for Jennifer's half-Ironman; if you're feeling generous you should consider sending a few bucks her way!), so I didn't have much choice.

Especially when you consider we're probably doing a (3 hour?) bike ride Saturday evening after the yard sale!

But anyway, back to this run.

Once again I got started a little later than I was hoping. The weather was really nice, but that meant it was going to be a hot run. The worst part, though, was that I definitely didn't eat enough before setting out.

While I was waiting for my Garmin to connect up, I found another four-leaf clover!

I was planning on breaking the run into two 5 mile parts, stopping back by the house in the middle to refuel.

The first couple of miles were amazing. Everything felt great, and there was even a cool breeze that would sometimes blow.

But by mile 3.5-ish, I was definitely feeling weak. I decided to head back home a little sooner than I wanted to play it safe and refuel.

I refueled with a PB&J sandwich and some Gatorade, which really seemed to help -- the mile after I set back out was my best mile overall.

Toward the end I was getting tired, and it was really hot, but even though I told myself I would be happy with 8 miles, I didn't let myself quit.

I have a feeling this will be a recurring theme this summer -- long, hot runs, where I'll try to convince myself to cut it short by a couple miles.

Well that's not starting today.

I had to walk here and there, but I finished all 10.

Along the way I found 3 more clovers:

This one's kinda hard to see, but the middle one has 4 leaves:

Total count: 9

I'm a little discouraged with how this run turned out, but there were a lot of factors working against me:
  • Running yesterday
  • Not fueling properly
  • Running during the hottest part of the day
So considering that, I'm pretty happy that my overall pace was below what it should have been (my training plan had me at 9:57/mile, and I came in at 9:53 including my warm-up, cool-down, and walk breaks).

Yeah, I'll take it!


So it's Saturday night and we didn't have time to squeeze in the 3 hour bike ride tonight (which is perfectly okay by me -- I'm exhausted from being out in the sun all day with the yard sale!).

The plan now is to go tomorrow after yard sale day #2, so hopefully that will go okay!


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