Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marathon Training - Week 4

Week 4? Already??

I know I missed a few runs over the last couple of weeks, but still! It definitely doesn't feel like it's already been four weeks since the mini.

Where does the time go?

Anyway, here's what I did this past week.

Sunday, May 20th - 3 hour bike ride

After only seeing about three people on Yard Sale Day #2, we decided to pack it up early and go for the bike ride instead.

We were going to go Saturday night, but after sitting in the sun all day I wasn't the least bit excited about riding a bike for 3 hours. That, and we were running short on daylight.

So during the hottest part of the day on Sunday, we headed over to the Falls of the Ohio (over in Jeffersonville, Indiana) for the ride. Starting at the park, you can ride along parallel to the river for a pretty good distance before having to turn back.

You even get to ride through an old military base, which is pretty cool.

The plan was to go out and back twice for around 54 miles, but the heat was just too much (it didn't help that Jennifer had been fighting a cold, either).

We ended up doing a little over 36 miles in about 3 hours. Aside from getting dehydrated, it was a really good ride!

I tried to get a picture of Louisville from the Indiana side, but it was hard to get a good shot.

Of course, I was turning around on the bike, and there were lots of obstacles...

Maybe next time.

Tuesday, May 22nd - 5 mile easy run

I came home from work a little early so I could get my run in before Jennifer had to leave for practice.

Luckily, it wasn't too hot out.

Since I was worried about getting back in time, I pushed the pace a little. This was supposed to be an easy run at 9:55/mile, but I ended up finishing with an average of 8:36.

For the most part, the pace was comfortable. Actually, for the last .2 I was running close to a 6:00/mile which was a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, I didn't see any more four-leaf clovers.

Thursday, May 24th - 5 mile easy run

I went around the neighborhood again for this one.

I'm starting to feel like a broken record, but once again I set out just shy of noon, and once again, it was really hot out.

I took water with me, and eased back on the pace since I wasn't pushed for time, and ended up finishing with a 9:06/mile average.

A couple times toward the end of the run I had to stop and walk, but I think that was just from the heat.

My right I.T. band was really tight again after the run and all day Friday, but it's fine now. That's the third time this has happened, so it has me a little concerned. Typically, you feel the pain in your knee from an I.T. injury, but I feel the tightness up around my hip. I'm planning on getting new shoes soon, so hopefully that will help.

I found two more four-leafers while waiting for my watch again!

I have a feeling this is when I'll find the bulk of them this summer (first, because it takes a few minutes and I have nothing better to do, but also because I doubt I'll see any while actually running, and I hope I'm not taking many walk breaks!).

That one is kinda hard to see, so here's a better picture:

Four-leaf clover count: 11

Hope everybody is enjoying their holiday weekend!


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