Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where's Jennifer?

Currently she's working.

But if she's not doing that, she's usually training.

I've only mentioned in passing all that she's doing to get ready for her big race (which is now just 3 weeks from Saturday!!), so I thought I'd spend a little time filling you guys in.

Last week, she completed over 5 HOURS of training, including biking for 62 miles, 26 minutes of running, and 37 minutes of swimming in a POND! Yeah, a real pond with fish and algae and stuff.

This isn't the Jennifer I know!

The week before that was a rest week, meaning she only did 4 HOURS of training.

Yep, that's how she rests.

Before that, here's what her weeks looked like:

April 23 - 29: nearly 12 HOURS of training

  • 6 hours on the bike
  • 1.5 hours swimming
  • 4.5 hours of running (including the miniMarathon)

April 16 - 22: 11 HOURS, 24 minutes
April 9 - 15: 8 hours, 10 minutes

What's amazing is that she's doing all this in addition to working and taking care of us.

Sure, I've stepped up some, but she still does so much for us that I sometimes don't realize just how much energy she's putting toward her training.

As dedicated as she is, and as important as the training is for her to not only do well in her race, but let's be honest -- for her to SURVIVE her race, she's been kinda questioning herself along the way. Was she being too selfish by doing something that is purely for her? Is it wrong of her to take time away from us as a family? Is she burdening me with extra responsibilities? Is it worth it to give so much of herself to something for so long?

I've never wavered in how I feel about her decision to do a half-Ironman -- I couldn't be more supportive of it.

Her drive to push herself further than she ever thought possible is infectious. It is absolutely the reason why I'm challenging myself, and even B has been talking about wanting to do a triathlon (often he'll come in from playing with his friends and tell us he's been "training" by riding his bike and running around the neighborhood).

We couldn't be more proud of everything she's done so far, not the least of which is her commitment to her training. She understands the importance of it, and actually gets frustrated when she can't fit it in.

Yeah, frustrated that she can't squeeze in that 3 hour bike ride!

Has she lost it? It might seem that way to some.

Really, she wants to show the little one that anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it and put in the work.

Even when it's hard.

Even when people think you're crazy.

Even when you don't want to.

These are some extremely important life lessons, and the timing couldn't be more appropriate.

B has already grown into an amazing young man. I can't even begin to describe how much he has changed over the years I've known him, or how proud of him I am.

Jennifer deserves the majority of that credit.

Sure, I hope I've rubbed off on him at least a little bit, but honestly, I'm largely following her lead.

So if you're thinking about Jennifer over the next few weeks, let her know.

Just send her a tweet -- @HairByJenniferC

She'd appreciate the encouragement, and I know she'll need it as race day draws near.

I love you babe, and you completely amaze me. Don't ever stop.


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