Monday, June 4, 2012

Marathon Training - Week 5

Monday, May 28th - 4 mile easy run

Since we were having some family photos made today, I got up early and took the dogs for a run. The goal was to wear them out so they'd cooperate and hopefully we'd be able to get some pictures with them, too!

I only had a 2 mile easy run down for today, but since I missed a 5 mile easy run over the weekend my goal was to try to get as close to 5 miles as possible.

But since we haven't been running the dogs much, I was definitely willing to cut the run short if they seemed to be struggling.

Overall, they did pretty well! Even though it was early it was already hot and humid out, so I was pretty proud of them for doing 3.98 miles at a 10:13/mile average.

We got back to the house at 3.96, so naturally I was going to walk around the court a little to make sure we logged 4 full miles, but as soon as Oreo hit the driveway he stopped. He did not want to go any further!

The plan worked, though, and they did really well during our photo shoot! Can't wait to get our pictures back so I can share!

Wednesday, May 30th - 5 mile tempo run

I was trying to wait for Jennifer for this one (she had a brick to get in), but I decided to head out by myself after seeing this on the weather map:

Here's what it looked like outside as I was setting out:

The good part about the bad weather was that the front brought some cooler temperatures along with it; the cool breeze felt great while running!

Toward the end of the run, it was still looking pretty bad out, but I managed to dodge the rain.

Of course, after I got back, here's what the map looked like:

Apparently the rain disappeared before it got to us!

I ended up having a great 5.1 mile tempo run -- here are my splits:

Thursday, May 31st - 1.6 mile easy run

Today Jennifer made up the brick she missed yesterday, and since her run was only 20 minutes, B and I decided to tag along.

He's thinking about doing a kids triathlon this summer, so this was a good gauge to see how far he can go without stopping.

Shortly after we set out, I experienced a first -- I found my first four-leaf clover while actually running! The others that I have found so far this year were all found while I was waiting for my Garmin to link up, or while taking a walk break.

We went out for 10 minutes before turning around a heading back. Right after turning around, I found two more:

And shortly after that, another one!

Total count: 15

B was getting pretty tired on the way back, but we managed to coach him through some fartleks instead of just walking the whole way back. He did great for his first real run -- we're really proud of him!

Saturday, June 2nd - Waggin' Trail 5K + 9 mile easy run

Saturday morning we got to race one of our favorite races -- the Waggin' Trail 5K that benefits the KY Humane Society.  Read about how it went!

But since I had a 12 mile easy run on the calendar, I wasn't done when we got home. So after refueling, I set back out for another 9 miles.

The run went surprisingly well. Even though I pushed pretty hard at the 5K, I quickly found a comfortable pace around 9:30/mile and just went with it.

I think the fact that it was cooler and slightly overcast helped a lot.

Since I didn't take water with me, I was planning on stopping by the house somewhere around the halfway point, but since I felt so well, I decided to go a little further. I seriously thought about just pushing through the entire run, but I'm glad I didn't. The sun had come back out, and I really needed to take in some water.

After my break I only had around 3 miles left to hit 12 total for the day, so mentally it was easy to talk myself into it. I'm definitely glad I went a little longer on the first time out because I was definitely wearing down. I didn't fuel enough during the run for as long as I was running, but since it was an easy run I could push through it and be fine.

Here are my splits and paces for both runs. I'm really happy with how consistent each run was!

Waggin' Trail:

Long run:

Four-leaf count (after counting the one at the 5K): 16


What a great week of running! 22.7 miles logged over the week, and I feel great! Hopefully I can keep it up the rest of the summer!

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  1. Next week you'll be hitting a personal distance record! That's exciting!


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