Sunday, June 3, 2012

Waggin' Trail 5K - Race Recap

Yesterday morning Jennifer and I took the boys up to Tom Sawyer for one of our favorite races -- the Waggin' Trail 5K.

The race benefits the Kentucky Humane Society, so it hits pretty close to home for us seeing as how both of our puppies were adopted from them.

Plus, it's really exciting to see so many other dogs and puppies out and about at the park!

Since it's such a small race, and since they award not only the fastest runners, but also the fastest runners with canine companions, I wanted to see if Blizzard and I could place. I knew we couldn't win it (especially with how tired he's been acting on our runs recently), but I thought we could still finish near the top.

We started a little further back than I would have liked, but I didn't want to seem cocky or like a jerk by running right up to the front just before the start.

Instead, Blizzard and I jumped off the path and ran in the grass to go around some people. At one point a little dog lunged at Oreo right in front of me, and it was all I could do not to run over the little thing. I went down (hopefully gracefully), but I think I managed to avoid the dog. I popped back up without missing a beat, and we got right back into our groove with no noticeable injuries.

The first mile went really well. Most of it was on the trail, so it was flat and fast. We clocked in at 7:49 -- that's the pace of my recent PR at the Anthem 5K earlier this year.

The next mile was evenly split between uneven grassy terrain and pavement. Unfortunately, I pushed a little too hard during the first mile that I wasn't really prepared for the hills (even though they were tiny) or the unevenness of the grass. Our second mile came in at 8:05 -- not as bad as I was expecting.

The last mile was mostly on pavement and the gravel path, but there was a fairly large hill around 2.5 miles. I pushed up the hill, but had to stop after hitting the top to get my heart rate back down. Overall we finished strong, and we finished pretty close to the front of the runners!

At one point during the race Blizzard and I nearly caught up with a guy who was adjusting his dog's collar. I thought we might have a chance at catching him, but he took off and we didn't see him again. The good news is that we didn't get passed by any other guys with dogs, so I was thinking we might take second!

My watch said we finished 3.19 miles in just under 26 minutes, for an 8:07/mile average! Good job Blizzard!

While cooling down, I found another four-leaf clover!

Notice the little gash taken out of my thumb? Yep, that's from the fall at the start.

We got some water and cooled down while waiting for Jennifer and Huntie. They looked great coming across the finish line, and Huntie even beat his previous PR by 30 seconds!

We hung around for the awards ceremony, but sadly they only announced the first place winner for each category. I never saw the guy who won first with dog out on the course, so I think we might have taken third, but I have no real way of knowing. That's okay -- it was still a great race!

The boys had so much fun, too!


  1. I was there too and it was fun. It was my first 5k and I was happy with my finish of 29.29. Do you know if the results are posted anywhere? I was googling around for them...that's how I found your blog. Great pics!

    1. Congrats on your first 5K -- it was our first a couple years ago, too! I don't think they post the results, though.

    2. It looks like the results are available (although it might only be for those who pre-registered... we registered that morning and we're not in the results).

      Here's the link:


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