Saturday, July 7, 2012

Marathon Training - Week 10

I was finally able to get back at it this week and get in a good week of training. Hopefully I can keep it up for the next 10 weeks!

Monday, July 2nd - 2 mile easy run

Even though we're still in the middle of this ridiculous heat wave (with temps over 100), I decided to do my 2 mile easy run outside.

Since it was only 2 miles, I felt like it was a waste of gas and time driving to the gym for it.

And since my race is in September, I need to be prepared for warmer temperatures.

So I did a quick little run around the neighborhood. I didn't go until after 8pm, and the heat and the sun weren't too bad.

The run went really well -- it felt great going out for a quick little run like that. I didn't even take my iPod.

I definitely need to remember how important these little recovery runs are!

Thursday, July 5th - 6 mile speedwork

Did this one at the gym on the treadmill again (yep, because of the heat, but also because I didn't go until around 9pm).

This run couldn't have been better, either.

The only issue I had was I accidentally pulled the emergency shutoff thing just as I was starting my first speed mile (which was really annoying).

After doing a mile warm-up at a pretty comfortable pace (6.4 mph, or roughly 9:17/mile with a 1% incline), I did three speed miles at 7.8 mph (roughly 7:41/mile) with half-mile jogs (6.4 mph) in-between, and finished it off with a mile cool-down.

All told, it took me around 55 minutes.

This run was a big confidence booster. After running 16 miles on the treadmill last Saturday, my legs were pretty sore (especially my ankles, which have never bothered me before) for a few days. After this run, though, I felt completely normal.

And although the pace was tough, there were definitely times when I felt like I could push it even faster. I know it would have been different if I was outside, but it's still really cool to think that I could maybe go out and PR my 5K time.

Saturday, July 7th - 14 mile long run

After having a lot of trouble with long runs the last couple weekends, I decided to revise my original training plan to give myself a little more time to work up to the longer distances.

So instead of going for 20 today (and probably only hitting 18 before having to call it quits), I decided to go back and do 14 again.

That was a good idea.

Once again I went back to the gym and ran on the treadmill. They're calling for temps in the 80's next week, so hopefully I'll be able to run outside again.

Since I'm still having trouble with fueling (last week, I think I tried to force too much), I'm recording this just for future reference. For breakfast, I had my usual two cups of coffee, along with an apple fritter from Starbucks (which was a treat!). About an hour before running, I had a pb&j, half an apple, and some potato salad. It really wasn't much, but I was full, so I didn't try to force anything else. Not long into my run, I got really hungry. I'd taken a water bottle, a HEED bottle, and some sports beans, but luckily I had a granola bar in my gym bag. Over the course of the run, I had all of my water, half of the HEED, the granola bar, and a GU (which was hard to get down, but definitely helped). Once I got past the hungry feeling, I felt great!

So anyway, I did all 14 and it went really well! I did 14.25 miles total in 2:17:06.

I even did the last half at a 7.5 mph pace (just shy of my speed miles from Thursday)!

I'm definitely glad I adjusted my plan -- like Thursday's tempo run, this run really helped boost my confidence.

(Although running for over 2 hours straight is still pretty horrible...)


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