Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Marathon Training - Week 12

I just realized that my marathon training weeks coincide with Jennifer's weeks of pregnancy!

How cool is that??

Was it always meant to be this way?
(If so, I wish I would have done a marathon last year!)

Either way, here's how week 12 on the running front went.

Monday, July 16th - 16 mile long run

Since I skipped out on my long run last weekend, I knew I had to make it up during the week.

Luckily, this week was a rest week for me, so it really didn't cause any problems (aside from finding the time to do it).

I went to the gym and did this one on the treadmill yet again. I'm not sure when I'm going to get back outside for a long run, but I'm definitely waiting until the weather cools off some. I'm not risking overheating again!

Getting started was a little rough, like always. My plan said my average pace should have been at around 9:45/mile, which is just over 6mph. Since that's just a little too slow for me, I started out at 6.5mph.

About 1/3 of the way into it, I was feeling really good, so I really started pushing the pace. Not sure if that was a good idea or not, but like usual, I just wanted to get it done. Initially, I just pushed the pace up to 7mph (or about 8:30/mile), but later I went all the way up to 7.5mph (8:00/mile).

To put it in perspective, my speedwork pace just a few weeks ago was 7.7mph!

All told, I did 16.25 in right under 2.5 hours, for an average pace of around 9:05/mile.

I felt great during the entire run, and if I had more time (or I had a longer run scheduled), I really feel like I could have gone further!

I did an ice bath when I got home, and although my I.T. Band was tight for a couple days, I really didn't feel too bad!

Friday, July 20th - 6 mile easy run

Did this one around the neighborhood, and I actually made it out before noon, so that was good!

I felt great when I started, but the heat definitely got to me toward the end -- I could only go about 4 miles before having to walk.

I think the hills got to me, too; even though our neighborhood is pretty flat, there are some tiny hills that seem to turn into mountains when you're tired or just not feeling it (the total elevation gain was about 550ft).

Here were my splits:

Not bad, but I definitely started off a little too hard for an easy run.

I skipped breakfast, too, so I know that contributed to it as well (I just ran out of steam toward the end).

Oh well, not bad for an easy run.


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