Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Best Day of My Life

Wondering why I haven't been blogging as much lately?

Sure -- work, life, and training have definitely been keeping us busy.

But it has more to do with this:

May 27th


I honestly can't remember a time in my life when I was more excited about something.

This is something we've both wanted for a long time. And at the risk of sounding cliché, I never realized just how much I wanted it until now. The feelings and emotions I've had ever since we found out are unlike anything I've ever felt before.

I'll never forget jumping out of bed that morning.

All she had to say was "it's positive!"

Even though I was sound asleep, it's as if I was waiting for it.

I knew exactly what she was talking about.

Not because I didn't believe her, but because I wanted to see for myself, I ran past her -- straight to the test. Sure enough, the plus sign was as clear as could be.

Thinking about it now, it still feels like a dream.

I was overwhelmed with what felt like every single emotion, all at once.

I know I'll forever be changed by that morning.

I immediately wanted to start preparing -- I wanted to clean the house, I wanted to start converting the office/guest room into a nursery, I wanted to take care of those to-do items that have been my on my list for far too long...

It was as if the life I was waiting for had finally started.

I'm not saying there was something missing in my life, because I've never felt that way. I have always loved the family and life Jennifer and I have created together; I wouldn't trade it for the world.

But now it's even better :).

June 19th - 8 weeks

July 17th - 12 weeks

I can't get over the foot in that last picture! The baby is only about 2 inches long right now, so think about how little that foot is!

I've seen other bloggers do it, and it looked like fun, so here are some pictures you've seen recently where we knew Jennifer was pregnant, but you didn't ;).

At the Waggin' Trail, June 2nd (5 weeks, 5 days):

Getting marked-up for the half-Ironman in Grand Rapids on June 9th (6 weeks, 5 days):

During the half-Ironman -- June 10th (6 weeks, 6 days):

Yep, she raced pregnant!

That's why she had such a bad race.

We decided beforehand that she should go ahead and do the race, but not go all-out with it.

We hadn't been to the doctor yet (our first visit was a little over a week after we got back), but since we had been trying for about 2.5 years with no luck, and it finally happened amidst all of the training she was doing, we figured her body was conditioned for it and that it was probably okay.

I honestly think the training is what made the difference in her finally getting pregnant -- we were both the healthiest we've ever been.

So yeah, we've had a lot to process these last few weeks.

And Jennifer has been really sick lately, too, so I've been trying my best to take care of her.

As weird as it may sound, I love the late-night runs for pickles and french fries.

Because that means this is really happening.

And I can't. freaking. WAIT!

July 17th


  1. Congratulations you guys! I've been reading for a few months but never commented. Today I had to. I've read about so many pregnancies through Mommy eyes, it will be neat to read them Daddy eyes.

    Very happy for you!

    1. Thanks!! It's been so hard not mentioning it, which is a big part of why I was just about silent for the whole month of June. But now that it's out, I'll definitely be blogging about it!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! I was just smiling so hard reading this whole blog and then when I saw the very last picture I started crying! I'm soooooo happy!!!!

    1. Ahh!! It makes it real, doesn't it?

      I mean, somebody could be tricking us with those ultrasound pictures, but seeing her belly growing... well there's no other explanation for that! :D

    2. I'm crying too, Rachel!!!!

  3. Absolutely love this , Matt! So happy for both of you!


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