Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Marathon Training - Week 14

Thursday, August 2nd - 6 mile speedwork

Had a really good speedwork last week at the gym! Here's a quick overview:

Miles 0 - 1: warm-up
Miles 1 - 2: speed mile @ 7.8 mph (7:41 minutes per mile)
Miles 2 - 2.5: recovery jog @ 6.5 mph (9:09 minutes per mile)
Miles 2.5 - 3.5: speed mile @ 7.8 mph
Miles 3.5 - 4: recovery jog @ 6.7 mph (9:07 minutes per mile)
Miles 4 - 5: speed mile @ 7.8 mph
Miles 5 - 6: cool-down

Everything felt great, and I even felt like I could have pushed the pace, but I decided not to. Maybe after the marathon I'll work on getting faster.


Saturday, August 4th - 20 mile long run

Yep, another personal distance record!

This one didn't go quite as well as my 18 miler from last week, but it still went really well.

Especially considering it's my first 20 mile run, ever!

I did pretty much the same thing as I did last week, but this time I got a later start and there wasn't anything good on tv (unfortunately, no exciting Olympic sports were on to keep me entertained; just the same infomercials and news reports, over and over and over... blah!). I really think that made it harder.

Another frustrating tid-bit is that I was on one of the treadmills with a 60-minute limit, so I had to restart the machine 3 times to get my distance in. I'm not sure why some machines go for 97 minutes, but I need to remember which ones do!

All in all, it took me 3:19:30 to go 20.25 miles, which is around a 9:50/mile average -- just shy of the 9:42 my training plan said.

I took an extra water bottle this time, and I'm glad I did. And I tried some new GUs, too.

So far, my favorite GUs are:
  • Peanut Butter!
  • Chocolate Raspberry Roctane
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla Bean
I really though I would like Espresso Love, but it tasted too burnt for my liking (and I like really roasty coffee).

Here's my proof that I really did it!

I'm not sure how accurate it is, since I didn't plug in my weight, but according to the treadmill I burned 2,566 calories with this run!

And just like last weekend, we had something going on Saturday night, so I didn't stop until I crashed into bed Saturday night (or in this case, Sunday morning).

I think that might have helped me not be as sore as I would have been otherwise. I'm sure the ice bath didn't hurt, either.

Less than 6 weeks until race day!


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