Monday, August 27, 2012

Marathon Training - Week 17

Well last week was another not-so-good week for training, but I was expecting it.

And I'm not even mad about it.

We had such a good time at the two weddings we went to over the weekend -- I'm really glad I didn't try to squeeze in a long run and wear myself out!

I did manage to get in a really good 6 mile tempo run on Wednesday, though. And this time I made sure to really push so it actually looks like a tempo run.

I got up early for this one, and ended up doing it before work since it's been pretty hot and muggy lately. It was a beautiful morning!

I think another reason I had such a good run is that I kept looping a pretty flat section of the neighborhood.

My target tempo pace was 8:11/mile.

Looks like I pushed a little too hard...

It really felt great to get out and run before work, even though I usually hate running first thing in the morning. And the fact that I was COLD while running was even better!

I'm hoping to get one more long run in before I start my taper this week.

18 days and counting!!


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