Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our First Baby Purchases!!

We just got back from the Little Treasures sale and I don't think I've been this excited to buy things in a long time.

Well, except for maybe the crib we bought a few weeks ago, but that's staying under wraps until we get the nursery set up!

So yeah, this sale was CRAZY! It's like a huge yard sale just for kids stuff (with a big focus on baby/toddler). I wish I took a picture of the place -- it's held in a huge gym with multiple basketball courts, and it was CRAMMED in there! We literally spent over 3 hours there and probably didn't even see half of it (partially because we were just focusing on baby things, but still).

And it was so busy. We got to go a day early because we sold some stuff, and we still had to wait in line for an hour... I can't imagine what it's going to be like when it opens to the public tomorrow!

The best part about it is it's somewhere between a yard sale and a retail store; the items are gently-used, and are still in great shape, so you can score some really awesome deals.

For instance, here's a high chair that we thought was cute, so we bought it:

$30!! And this thing is like brand new! Looking at their site, these things retail for $110!

We also picked up an exersaucer for $35!

Jen said B loved his when he was little, and these things retail for over $100, so I was sold!

Here's some more of the stuff we bought:

1. Baby bath - $3. The one on our registry was $33.
2. Manly diaper bag. More on this later.
3. Onesies and sleepers - $14. We got 4 sleepers and 20 onesies in all! That's $0.58/piece!
4. 6 snack bowls - $1.50
5. Baby food freezer trays (because we'll definitely be making our own baby food) - $10
6. Drying rack - $4
7. Dishwasher rack plus formula holder - $1
8. Car mirrors - $7 for both

I can't tell you how excited I am about the manly diaper bag. Seriously. I was looking at them a couple months ago and these things are going for close to $100, so it sort of falls into that "nice to have but we can't spend the money on it" category (which in my mind means "maybe I can get it for Christmas").
Side note: the Diaper Dude brand linked above is just one of the brands I was looking at; I really just wanted a messenger-style bag that had a masculine look to it. 'Cause you better believe I'm going to be using it!
We looked over all the racks just to see what they had, and literally as we were walking away this thing caught my eye. I swear it was the same one I saw a Babies R Us a while back.

I love the style and the colors! Once again, this thing is practically brand new, and these things retail for $70!

Yeah, I got it for $20. No big deal.

Look at all the pockets!

It even comes with a changing pad that's pretty big.

So yeah, we stocked up! We even found some cute maternity shirts for Jen -- 6 of 'em for $23!

All told we spent $160 for everything... retail would have easily put us somewhere around $500!


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  1. Your computer might fit in that diaper bag. Good shopping Matt! Cant wait to see it all. PS youre coming to dinner when I come in Sept right?!

    Love Rachel S


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