Monday, August 27, 2012

Pregnancy Brain

To say that Jennifer has been miserable so far with this pregnancy would be an understatement.

Most of the time she does a pretty good job of not letting on just how bad she feels, but I know the majority of the time she's feeling anywhere from uncomfortable to down right sick or in pain.

And even though I really don't know how she feels, I try to be sympathetic and do what I can to make her more comfortable.

Sometimes the only thing I can do is make her smile, and I'm okay with that.

Early on I noticed Jennifer was a little more forgetful than she used to be.

Without question, she wins when it comes to remembering things; it's something that has never been my strong suit.

But lately I've found myself having to remind her of things, and I kind of like it.

The best example is about her wedding rings. Pretty much right after we found out we were expecting, she asked me if I would buy her a fake ring when her real rings didn't fit anymore. Naturally, I told her I'd buy her the biggest cubic zirconia ring she's ever seen (I gotta make sure people know she's taken!).

A couple weeks later, we had the same conversation again.

I'm not sure exactly how many times it's come up, but it's definitely come up more than 3 times.

And each time, I respond as if it's the first time she's asked the question.

'Cause that what a good husband does.

I've since told her about her forgetfulness, and now it's just another symptom of pregnancy that we laugh at.

And she makes the cutest face I've ever seen when she knows she's forgotten something -- there isn't much better than that!

Thankfully, she's been feeling quite a bit better lately -- hopefully it'll stay this way for a while!

Since blogs are always better with pictures, here is a cute onesie I'm totally buying if we have a girl:

And yes, I know Jennifer will totally put that on her when she doesn't feel like fixing the baby's hair.

And here's Oreo "helping" us get ready for the Little Treasures sale:

He's going to be all over this baby, I just know it.

Check back later this week for some pretty awesome bump pics -- she's really starting to show now!


  1. :D That is the sweetest! I really like the onesie matt! lol That babies hair will even be cute when it's the biggest mess!

  2. WHEN Derbaby is a girl, you definitely need to get that onesie. :)


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