Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gatlinburg Babymoon - A Few More Pictures

In my haste to post a new blog yesterday I forgot that Jen had some good pictures on her phone, too.

Here are a few more interesting things we saw around Gatlinburg this past weekend.

Here's an entire store dedicated to hot sauce and salsa. Even with all the heartburn she's had with this pregnancy, Jen is still on a hot sauce kick.

And when we stopped in another store for a smoothie she noticed some chocolate chip cookies topped with bacon. I didn't try one because I was still full from lunch, but I am definitely intrigued...

Here's a shot of the mountains behind the strip that shows the perfect weather we had on Friday:

And there must have been at least 100 different jerky stores, each one touting free samples and various types of jerky, including trout and bison. I saved Jen the nausea and passed on the jerky as well.

Lastly, here's some of the candy we picked up. These are dark chocolate covered almonds, and they're pretty much the best thing I've ever eaten. I thought Trader Joe's had some good ones, but they PALE in comparison to these (these almonds are roasted a special way or something). These things were amazing, and absolutely worth every single penny we spent (although I'm embarrassed to say exactly how much that was).

So yeah, Gatlinburg can pretty well be summed up with three words: candy, meat, and mountains.

I'm not mad about it.

Don't forget to check back soon -- I have LOTS of really cool pictures and even a few videos from all the hiking we did on Saturday!


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