Sunday, October 7, 2012

I. Love. FALL!

Seriously. I love everything about fall!

Today we did our annual trip to the pumpkin patch with the fam, and like usual, it was so much fun!

It was a little colder than I thought it was going to be, but at least the clouds cleared off as the day went on, which helped warm things up some.

We went to Huber's this year, which is always a good time (although it can get expensive quick). When it comes to all things fall, though, they really do have the market. It's just such an awesome place, and they have all the things we seem to crave this time of year...

(pumpkin doughnuts, fudge, apple butter, caramel apple, apple cider (not pictured), wine...) addition to having a great crop of pumpkins.

Plus, it's great taking a day to spend with the family. I don't know what it is about this time of year, but it always seems to be busy, so it's nice to take a day to get away from things and get dirty picking pumpkins.

I like that it's something we do every year.

And I can't wait until we add another little one into the mix next year!

Since we probably won't be back until around this time next year, we had to stock up on some wine.

From the left...
  • Blueberry Port (from last year)
  • Razzy Apple (also from last year)
  • 2x Sweet Marcella
  • Starlight Red
  • Tramminette
  • 2x Vignoles
  • Catawba

Their wines are sooooo good, and Jen definitely deserves it after the baby comes! I think we'll probably be packing a bottle in the hospital bag with us...



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