Friday, October 5, 2012

I Won a Moby Wrap!!!

Ahh!! You guys, I'm so excited!

Not only did I just win my first blog giveaway, but it was for a Moby Wrap!

Of course, I haven't had a chance to try one out yet, but from what we've read these things are like THE BEST when it comes to baby carriers.

And you know I'm TOTALLY going to be "that dad" and wear our baby, both around the house and while out and about.

Yep. I ain't scared.

Although I can pretty well guarantee I won't be dressed up like these guys are...

If you've never heard of Moby, you should definitely check them out -- they have TONS of colors and styles, and the wrap can be used in a variety of ways (don't be surprised if you see pictures of Oreo in it soon...).

And I want to give a big thanks to jdavis2 for hosting this awesome giveaway!

This totally just made my day!


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