Thursday, October 4, 2012

Making Room for Baby

The thing I've been most excited about when it comes to baby things is fixing up the nursery.

Sure, there are always things to do around the house, but this is totally different -- this is us literally starting to make room for this new person to join our lives.

And even though everything has felt real most of the time for me, I knew this would be probably the most important step to pulling it all together.

To walk by the room that's going to be the nursery every day and see it outfitted with a crib and what-not, well it doesn't get any more real than that until there's a sleeping crying baby in there.

The room that we're converting over to the nursery is the room that used to be our office. When we bought the house, that was the room where I had free reign to do with as I pleased, since I was going to be using that room the most. And even though I'm certainly not a designer (and a little bit colorblind), Jennifer let me follow my vision with it. I was going for something that reminded me of a spa-type environment (even though I've never been to one), with the fluffy white towels and smooth round stones and live plants and what-not.

You know, something like this:

Instead, we ended up with walls that would keep the baby up at night, so they had to go.

And since we did a pretty terrible job smoothing out the walls the first time around, the first step was to Spackle and sand everything. As usual, Blizzard was right there helping the whole time.

A couple dusty hours later I was beat...

...but the walls were ready to go!

Fast forward a few more hours, and here's everything after the first coat of paint:

Ah, so much better!

A few days later, once the paint was completely dry, I set to work assembling the crib (something I've been itching to do for MONTHS now).

I read some reviews that the crib we bought could be difficult to assemble...

I'm not sure why so many people had trouble putting it together; if you've ever assembled any kind of furniture before in your life it shouldn't be difficult.

Some people mentioned not having directions, or not finding them until they were finished because they're inside a little pouch on the mattress spring (although there was a note saying where they were included in the hardware box on ours). Without instructions it would be difficult to assemble, but the directions were clear enough I thought.

The only thing I did wrong was put the back rail on backwards. Of course I didn't realize it until I was just about finished, which meant I had to take quite a bit apart to fix it. I could have left it (like one reviewer did), but I didn't like seeing the screws along the back rail.

Even with taking it apart to fix the back, it only took me about 2 hours to get it put together. And that was with taking my time because it does seem like it would scratch pretty easily (which means we'll definitely have to get one of those little scratch remover pens).

For those interested, it's the DaVinci Piedmont. It comes with a toddler rail and converts into a full-sized bed with the purchase of some universal bedrails. We managed to catch it on sale from and got it shipped for $200!

I absolutely love the espresso, gray, and white together!

And it took some searching (mostly because we were trying to keep it cheap), but we managed to find a dresser from American Freight that's a PERFECT match!

I can't believe it's really starting to come together!

And looking at the mood board Jennifer put together a couple months ago, it looks like we're right on target!

(No, we aren't using the name "Mason" -- we just liked the letters.)

Next up is to take the glider apart and stain it to match everything (that was a hand-me-down from when B was a baby). Hopefully that won't be too difficult. And since this will be my first time staining anything, I'll be sure to write up a full report of how it turns out.


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