Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Second Trimester Reflections

Just like the first, the second trimester has come and gone faster than I could have ever imagined.

In some ways, that excites me.

In just 13 short weeks we'll meet our baby! And who knows, it might not even be that long!

And since we're approaching the holidays, these weeks will go by even faster than normal.

In other ways, I'm feeling kind of unprepared.

Early on, Jennifer put together a list of things to do during each trimester. So far we're right on track, and having the list has been really good at calming our nerves (because we've both had those times where we feel like we're not doing enough to prepare).

But to think of how much we have going on the rest of this year, and to think that we haven't had any showers yet, and we're kind of at a standstill with the baby's room, and we haven't taken any classes yet (although we have signed up already), and how many things we still need to do around the house and buy... it all feels a little daunting at times.

Taking a babymoon last weekend was one of the best things we could have done. We spent three straight days together, to do with as we pleased, and it was great. Around 11 hours of that was spent in the car, and most of that time we were talking. That's one of the things I love most about our relationship -- we can talk about anything and everything, and we really enjoy doing so. The 5 1/2 hours it took to get there literally seemed like just over an hour.

And although Jennifer had a few issues with it physically, hiking in the woods was a similar experience.

We walked together.

We held hands.

We talked.

I can't say we fell in love again because we've never fallen out of it, but it's always nice to remind yourself why you're with someone.

While our trip was a much-needed break from reality, it was over just as quickly as it started, and we dove back into our normal routine Monday morning.

So now that we're officially past the second big mile-marker for pregnancy, here are some of the new things that I'm excited about and scared of:

Things I'm excited about

  • Having the nursery just about done!
  • Feeling the baby kick every day (the kicks are getting strong, too!)
  • Preparing for the delivery (so I can be there to really support Jen through the whole process and play an active role in helping to bring our baby into the world)
  • Getting as much as we can finalized now so that we can be more relaxed as our due date approaches
  • And of course, I'm even more excited about all of the things that will happen once the baby gets here that I mentioned in my first trimester reflections.

Things I'm still scared of

  • Not getting everything ready in time
  • Something preventing us from having our ideal birth experience
  • Something going wrong

All in all, the list is pretty similar to what it was before. I think the biggest difference now is how my mindset has shifted from working on getting our house ready to focusing more on supporting Jennifer through these last couple of months and through the delivery.

I definitely realize now that even though I've been doing things all along to prepare, my involvement is really just beginning. We've sorta felt this shift into crunch time, and it's exciting to start making everyday changes that will help us transition into our new life with baby.

And instead of just going along for the ride, I can jump in and play an active role in just about everything.

And that's probably the best gift I can give to our son or daughter.

So yeah, I'm not quite ready, but I'm definitely excited about getting there.


  1. Hey Matt - congrats on a baby on the way! I finished the Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday and it was so amazing!!! I've been trying to soak it all in before I type up my post-marathon reflection/recap. Similar to you though, I started hurting about half way thru the race so the 2nd half was quite a struggle. But all and all, it was an incredible experience. Hopefully I'll write about it in a day or so! Hopefully you will check back!

    1. I definitely will! I've been waiting for it. And I definitely understand not being able to process everything right away... it all seemed pretty surreal for me for at least a few days.

      And yeah, if you couldn't tell I'm pretty excited about the baby. That's been my focus now that I'm not training anymore. :)

      That's actually a pretty awesome story, too -- Jennifer did a half-Ironman back in June when she was 7 weeks pregnant! (We knew and decided that she should still do it.) Here's the full recap:


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