Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gatlinburg Babymoon - Little River Trail

Saturday morning we awoke to overcast skies. And even though it wasn't supposed to rain until around 3:00pm (and even then it was only about a 50% chance), it was misting.

Nevertheless, we put on some warm clothes and hopped in the car to go hit the trails.

Since it was still pretty crowded down there, we knew waiting in line for pancakes somewhere would eat up most of our trail time, so we just grabbed a quick breakfast at the restaurant inside the hotel.

After that, we hit up probably the only health-conscious store down there: Whole Earth Grocery. It was sort of like a Whole Foods but on a much, much smaller scale. There we picked up some lunch to take with us into the park.

The first trail we went to was Little River Trail, which was recommended by a coworker.

Remember, don't pet the bears!

The trail is a really easy trail that follows alongside the river.

It was everything we were hoping for -- literally just a nice, tranquil walk in the woods.

And all along the trail there are spots where you can go down to the water and get some really amazing pictures.

Here's the picture I was taking there (which is also the current background on the blog):

I absolutely love pictures of water like this, especially in the fall.

And especially with a cute girl in them ;)

Jennifer also took a video of the water that shows how fast it was flowing and how loud it was.

Another amazing thing was how untouched everything looked. We could tell that the park officials took care to keep the trail clear, but aside from that, everything was left alone. Thinking of how many people probably pass through this park annually, that's pretty amazing to me. It really looked as if no one had been there before us.

Here's another picture Jen got of me taking a picture.

It was amazing how clear the water was! This picture definitely doesn't do it justice.

And even though we were misted on the entire time, it was kinda cool to see the forest like this:

Last year, our friends had a planking contest. I wanted to plan ahead just in case it came up again and go for an "out of town" plank, "nature" plank, or perhaps even "most dangerous" plank, since the rocks were all wet.

(For whatever reason, I thought I had to put my arms up. So yeah, instead of a plank this just looks like I'm trying to dive into the water.)

All along the trail we were looking for wildlife. I'm not sure if it was the weather or what, but I think we maybe heard one bird and that was it.

Even so, I was careful to check this little cave for a bear before climbing in for a picture...

Look out, it's a bear!

We didn't get many good pictures of us, but we did manage to get a couple.

But mostly we just walked and talked and enjoyed each other's company.

And how could you not in a place like this?

We'll definitely go back to this trail the next time we head to the Smokies.

Check back soon for pictures from the second trail we went to: Grotto Falls -- the only waterfall in the park you can walk behind!

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