Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Park Run

Wednesday night, the family and I loaded up and headed to the park again (that's the second time this week!).

This time around it was much colder than it was on Monday, though.

It was still pretty bright when we first got there.

Just like on Monday, I ran while Jennifer walked with the puppies. And since nobody was on the playground this time, B decided to work on his training.
Side Note: We are so proud of this kid, you guys! At school this year he took a class that trained him to run a 5K! Although he wasn't able to complete a full 5K when they ran it at school (because some kids were talking too much... yeah, he was probably one of those kids...), he's still really motivated to work on his training and is really excited about doing some races in the spring.
We didn't have much time before it got too dark, but I still managed to get in two loops around the park (including the road back to where the model airplanes fly) for a total of around 3.5 miles.

After my first loop. Starting to get darker...

Jennifer said the puppies were going nuts the whole time again. I opted to run without them this time just to see if my running would improve any.

It didn't.

So from now on, we've decided that I'll take them out for at least one full loop before they walk with Jen.

As for Jen, I think she managed to get in about 1.5 miles! She's obviously not pushing very hard, but getting out and walking has really seemed to help her legs at night.

Lately, she's been having terrible leg cramps that last all night. We're pretty sure it's related to blood circulation, so we've been trying some new things in an attempt to get her some sleep at night. (The cramps have been so bad she is literally tossing and turning all night long and not getting any relief -- or sleep).

The past few nights have definitely been a lot better. In addition to the walking, she's been trying to drink more water and I've been massaging her legs and feet a lot, especially right before bed.

We've also been working on some of our Bradley exercises to get her more relaxed before going to sleep. I think she has so much anxiety leading up to bedtime that she almost fights trying to go to sleep (because she knows she won't be getting any anyway), so getting her into a tranquil and relaxed mindset helps with sleep now, and will help with labor later.

After my second loop. Really pretty, but too dark to run anymore.

As for B, he said he managed to get in around 2 miles, and even pushed through a side stitch! (Momma showed him how to breathe through it.) Way to go, B!

So aside from the frozen fingers and ears, we had another great night at the park!

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  1. I love that you guys are practicing Bradley techniques! It really will make a difference in labor! :)


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