Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blackout Curtains

Let's take a break from the endless sanding of the glider and talk about something a little more exciting: blackout curtains!

The baby's room is on a side of the house that gets direct sunlight for most of the day, making blackout curtains an absolute necessity.

Especially with the big 4' x 6' window in there...

While we were considering the numerous options, we stumbled upon these really cute (and cheap) curtains at Target:

(okay, it wasn't as serendipitous as that... Jen's mom found them and told us about them :) )

While we liked the look of the curtains (they added a much-needed pop of teal to offset all of the lime we had been accumulating), they didn't darken the room as much as we would have liked.

Like not any more than regular curtains would have.

We though about ordering a custom-made roller shade for about $70, but we really liked the look of the curtains on top of the regular blinds, so we wanted to find something that we could hide behind the blinds so it just looked like a normal window.

The answer came to us when we saw how dark the curtains were where they overlapped -- if we could somehow mount another blackout curtain directly to the window, we'd have a dark room, and the window wouldn't look any different.

We ended up going with a black curtain this time for maximum darkening, and just used some heavy-duty double-stick tape to secure it to the window.

It was a tight fit -- the curtain just barely covered the glass of the window -- but the results are amazing!

Here's proof that it was a sunny day out (even though it was later in the day and the sun was on its way down):

Here's the room with just a 25W lamp on:

And here it is again with all the lights off:

That little section of light at the bottom is the only light that creeps in now -- the room is literally pitch black in the middle of the day!

I was worried about how it would look from the outside, but it really isn't too obvious (in fact, we kept forgetting because of how unnoticeable it was).

So for about 2/3 the price of a custom roller shade, we were able to get the room darker and make it look nicer.

I'm calling it a success!


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