Monday, December 17, 2012

Bookshelves for the Nursery

Well the nursery is coming along nicely.

I don't have pictures of everything just yet, but I thought I'd share a little project we finished up this weekend.

Once we decided how we were going to arrange the room, we thought it would be a good idea to put some kind of bookshelf under the window next to the glider.

As always, Pinterest came to the rescue -- Jennifer found this post and it was love at first sight:

Using that as our main inspiration, we headed to the hardware store.

The biggest difference in the way we did our shelves is we opted to go for 1/2" thick boards instead of 1" boards (the 1" boards just seemed like they would be too chunky). Since those only came in smaller lengths, we had to spend a little more (as opposed to buying long boards and cutting them in half). All told we came in around $25.

From there, we laid them out to see how the boards went together best (since some had a slight curve to them).

Then we applied a little lot of glue and clamped them together while we used a nail gun to hold them securely.

Then it was just a matter of cleaning up the excess glue and moving on to the next one.

There were a few accidents along the way...

...but nothing a little sanding can't fix.

Next I hit 'em with the sander to get them nice and smooth and ready for paint.

Fast forward a few days and it was time to figure out where to hang them on the wall.

We knew we wanted them centered, so it was just a matter of doing a little math and marking some lines on the walls.

I marked the center of each shelf as a reference point.

Next, we had to figure out spacing. We opted to put the bottom one about as low as it could go without covering the outlet, and we just centered the top one in the space that was left.

I made sure to measure some of the taller books just to make sure they would fit.

Looks good to me:

With everything marked for where the shelves would go, I found the studs and pre-drilled the holes. I wanted to go ahead and do this before painting so that the wood wouldn't split when I screwed them to the wall, and so I wouldn't mess up the paint.

We still have a ton of white trim paint left over from when we moved into the house, so I just put about four coats of that on them.

We thought the white would look best against the gray, and it goes along with the white picture frames we recently hung, too.

While I was at it, I touched up one of the closet doors, too.

After letting the paint dry overnight, it was finally time to hang these bad boys.

We LOVE the way they turned out!

For one of our showers, all of our friends brought books instead of cards and wrote a note to the baby inside. I can't get over how much I love that idea, and how special these books are to me. We wanted to incorporate them into the room somehow, and these shelves were definitely the best way to do that.

(Ignore the chair; we just needed a place to stash our downstairs chair since our Christmas tree took over its usual spot.)

Plus, when our little one gets big enough, the shelves are low enough for him/her to pick out a book to read on their own.

The other cool thing about these shelves is they hide nicely behind the curtains if we ever needed to close them:

I'll be back soon with some of the other projects we're working on. The biggest project by far is the glider, but progress is really starting to pick up on that, so hopefully I'll be able to start blogging about it soon.

Until next time...

Thanks for reading!

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  1. just found this through google - you did a beautiful job, I am so envious of your skill! :)


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