Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First (Botched?) Run of the Season

Yesterday, against my better judgement (and against my previous assertions otherwise), I set out for my first training run of the 2013 season...


...in the freezing cold...

Since I was down for an easy 3 miles, I decided to bring the dogs along with me so they could burn some energy too.

This was such a bad idea on so many levels.

Since I know I don't tolerate the cold well at all, I made sure to layer up -- running tights under my pants, a short-sleeved shirt over a long-sleeved shirt with a jacket, ear warmers, etc.

I even had some new Under Armor gloves that I got for half-price to try out.

So I set out around the neighborhood just like the good ol' days, with Huntie on my left and Blizzard on my right.

Since my Garmin was nearly dead, I made sure to fire up the Buddy Runner app on my phone as a backup.

Things started off the same as they always do -- I walked the first .15 miles or so before setting in to an easy running pace.

And aside from being a little hyped up, the dogs were doing great.

But things quickly went downhill. I'm not sure if Blizzard just wasn't feeling it or what, but I was practically dragging him along after not even half a mile.

And my fingers and toes were already getting really cold.

Frustrated, I turned around just past a half-mile and took the pups back home. While I was there, I put on another pair of socks, another pair of gloves (over my fancy new ones), and my running hood before setting back out.

As I did, I noticed my Garmin screen was blank.


I decided to keep going anyway, and just did a route that I knew would be about 2 miles, giving me a total of at least 3.

When I got back home, my hands and lungs were much better, but my toes were completely numb (like couldn't feel them but they still really hurt numb).

And Buddy Runner said that I only ran for 17 minutes and covered .87 miles. Sooo wrong.

After a hot shower I was feeling much better, and I mapped out where I ran on MapMyRun.com which said I went about 3.34 miles.

I'll take it.

As for Buddy Runner -- it's out. I'm going to try RunKeeper to see if that's any more accurate (of course, that will just be a backup in case my Garmin is dead).

Even though this run was kind of a bust, I'm still so excited that it's time to start training again! I'm not going to make any goals this season like I did last year (remember how I PR'd ALL 4 RACES LAST YEAR??) -- I'm just excited to be doing it again.

And I can't wait to get out and run with our fancy new jogging stroller, too!

It's going to be a good year.


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