Friday, February 15, 2013

Grayson's First Walk!

Last week we had unseasonably warm weather (temps in the 60s!), so we decided to head to the park for our first walk with baby G!

I've been REALLY bad with running lately (as in I've only done like 2 training runs in the last few weeks), so I did a tempo run while Jen walked with the baby.

Of course, we had to Instagram the special occasion...

She ended up doing a couple of miles with him, and he slept the whole time, so I think he's going to like his fancy stroller. More importantly, Jen said it was easy to push and rolled nice and smooth, so hopefully it won't be too difficult to run with.

He does look nice and cozy in there.

(Okay, maybe he doesn't in this picture, but it was right before we started walking and the sun was kinda bright -- that's why he's got his scrunchy face on)

I'm really excited to get out and try running with him, but I'm going to wait until he gets a little older (and it warms up some!) first.

For now, we'll just stick to short walks on nice days.


  1. 1) Jen looks great!
    2) What kind of stroller is this?
    I'm considering investing in a decent jogger in hopes that I will really get back into training after baby comes. I have one that I got at a consignment sale but I got what I paid for :/
    3) I like the new layout :)

    1. 1) Doesn't she??
      2) It's a BOB Revolution SE. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Steve in a Speedo (, but he's a funny blogger and SUPERfast runner, and he runs with a BOB all the time. They're really expensive, but I think the quality is worth it. I guess we'll really tell once spring hits and I'll be running with it more.
      3) Thanks!


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