Friday, March 29, 2013

2013 Rodes City Run - Recap

Well it didn't go quite as well as I was hoping, but I still managed to come in pretty close to my PR time from last year.

My official time this year was 53:52, almost exactly two minutes slower than my 51:53 PR.

I'm pretty happy with it, especially considering I had 9 more runs under my belt by the same race last year (which was also a week earlier in the year...).

So even though I've done more faster miles this year, this is pretty good proof that more mileage (even at a slower pace) translates to faster race paces (for me, at least).

Anyway, here's how it all went down.

Jennifer had to work the day of the race, which typically means that I'd be getting up with the baby during the night. But since I was racing, she offered to cover my shift (isn't she the best?).

BUT, in an amazing twist of fate, the little guy slept from MIDNIGHT TO 8:30AM!!

He's done some 5 and 6 hour stretches before, but this was his first time sleeping for more than 8 hours straight!

Actually, he started sleeping around 10:30pm, woke up around 11:30pm to eat, and then went back down for 8 1/2 HOURS!! Yeah, we're pretty proud parents over here.
So I got some good rest, and woke up around 6:30am to get ready for the race.

I was running a little late by the time I made it out the door, but I made it to the starting line just as the gun went off. Awesome, no waiting in the freezing cold for me!

It was pretty crowded! There was roughly 6,500 finishers this year, which is actually down about 1,000 from the average over the last few years.

The runners heading down Broadway toward Cave Hill Cemetery:

I made my way into the crowd of people waiting to start running, set my iPod to the playlist I came up with to (hopefully) keep me on pace and give me a boost when I'd need it, and I was off.

Things started out pretty good for the most part. I had to do a lot of "slower runner avoidance" the first mile or so, but it wasn't long before I settled into a good pace with the group around me.

I made sure to take it easy for the first couple of miles. I knew that if I went out too hard, I definitely wouldn't have anything left by the end of this one. So when my first mile came in at 8:27, I was okay with it, even though it was pretty far off my goal that I came up with:

There's a couple of hills during miles 2 and 3, and I took that into account while setting up my goal splits.

It doesn't look like much on the chart (it's really only about a 100ft climb over 1.75 miles or so), but they feel pretty big during the race.

I was really hoping to save my energy during the first half and make up some time over the 2nd half of the course, since it was quite a bit flatter.

But with minimal training so far this year, that just didn't happen. After the first four miles, I just started crashing.

It didn't help that my iPod randomly decided to die around the same time, either. Fortunately I had my phone on me which had most of my running playlist loaded on it (but not the playlist I set up specifically for this race). While the playlist really did help, I was going to need much more than some well-timed songs to hit my goals this time.

That's okay, there's always next time.

After finishing I headed back to see if I could catch anyone I knew finishing. Turns out that they were all sick this time around. (Exactly the opposite from two weeks ago when I had to skip because I was sick!)

Here's a couple of shots I grabbed near the finish.

One of the last turns right next to Louisville Slugger Field

A slight incline about .1 miles from the finish, where you can easily over-do it because the finish line is so close but oh so far.

From the same spot as the last picture showing that there's still a little ways to the finish line.

Overall it was a good race. The weather was nice, although it was really cold being down by the river once you stopped running.

I'm encouraged by my playlist success. I think I'm going to have to invest in a generic mp3 player to replace my old iPod video that's just trying to die on me.
Side note: this thing has held up pretty well considering how long I've had it. Especially since I've washed it and had to replace the motherboard and battery! The band new iPod nano that I got last summer, on the other hand, died after just a few weeks of running with it. (Why would they make it clip to your shorts if it's not sweat-proof?!?) So yeah, I can't afford to keep giving that kind of money to Apple. I'd rather spend $20 on a cheap one that I have to replace every year. 
End rant.
Until next time!


  1. I kinda hate you for those 8.5 hours of sleep. :) I'm running a 10K in a couple of weeks and I'd probably regret mocking your slow time because it would surely come back to haunt me haha.

    1. Ha! I'm still amazed at your first post-baby 5K time! I'm sure you could mock away without worry. Do you have a strategy going into your race now that you're incorporating speed work?

  2. Hey Matthew, it's Chris from Running With the Locals. I just found your blog, and realized our paths have crossed a lot lately. I'll make sure to say hi next time we end up at the same place, probably at a BBC run.

    Great blog, btw, really glad I found it!


    1. Thanks! We'll definitely have to meet up. I think the next one I'll be able to make it to will be the day before the mini, but after that I should be able to start making it to more of them.


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