Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Spin Class Experience Last Night...

It seems that in the year or so since I've been to a spin class, I've forgotten how much I hate them.

Seriously, I just don't like them!

Of course, I like the results, and I know I can grow to like it just like I did with running.

But there's just something about them...

Last night after work I went to the 5:30 class at our gym. It was a strength ride, but for me, they're all the same.

Here's a bit of a play by play.

Jen helped me pack in the morning so I made sure not to forget anything (which I ALWAYS do, and then it becomes an excuse not to go). And she even let me use her cleats so I could look cool and wear my bike shoes.

I got there early since I knew I'd need a little extra time to adjust the machine. I tried my best to act like I knew what I was doing, but at one point I was trying to adjust the seat while still clipped in and ended up falling off the bike. It wasn't a big scene, but it was enough for the guy behind me to ask if I was okay.


The class started with a nice long warm-up. Of course my legs were on FIRE after about 2 minutes. I know that's to be expected since I haven't really worked out lately, and I haven't been on a bike in a LONG time.

But it still sucks.

Then the instructor was asking if we were warmed up and ready to start working.

I'm not sure what he considers work, and frankly I'm quite scared 'cause I feel like I've been working this whole time.

We got into a really good routine of jumps and climbs, with some sprints thrown in. This guy wasn't the regular instructor, but he was really good. And the music went perfectly with what we were doing, which I always like.

Even though I was exhausted pretty much just as we were getting started, I tried to keep up with everything. It was hard, but I gave it all I could.

There isn't a clock in the room, and I don't have my phone out because I sweat... what's the saying? More than a whore in church? ...and I don't think we have water damage insurance. So during spin, I completely lose track of time. I just try to hold on until the end of the song, and hope that there aren't many songs left.

Somewhere in the middle we went into a 7 minute climb. He was asking "who's ready to CLIMB?" and "how far are you gonna take it??"

I kinda want this guy as my life coach.

To flush out our legs after the climb, we went into some more interval jumps. I would have preferred a massage, but you know, to each his own.

Actually, the jumps were fun, and they really did help my legs recover.

Then we did some jumps with lots of resistance mixed with sprints with low resistance. My right calf was trying to cramp up during the sprints, but luckily it went away (THAT would have been bad... awkwardly trying to get off the bike without hurting myself to stretch out a cramp in the middle of class in that tiny room...).

We did one more big climb ("How HIGH is your mountain?" Well, that's a little personal, don't you think?) and then another series of jumps before finishing with three 30-second standing (position 3) intervals.

It's a tough way to finish, but it was good. And we did get to rest between the intervals (our intervals coincided with the chorus of the song).

Toward the end I was bribing myself with beer to finish strong. I could literally taste the Party Bock that I told myself I could have when I got home.

"Are you gonna go for SPEED or STRENGTH? Low resistance for SPEED, high resistance for STRENGTH!"

I chose speed, but I'm sure you couldn't tell. I was lucky to be able to keep the pedals spinning by this point.

I made sure to cool down a minute before attempting to get off the bike. I forgot to eat my peanut butter and banana sandwich on the way to the gym (I left it at work... see? I always forget something!), so I was pretty shaky. Luckily I still had a granola bar in my gym bag, so I ate that as I changed back into my regular shoes and cleaned up.

At home, Jennifer had spaghetti and meatballs waiting for me, which was A-MAZING!

At the grocery last week she picked up Trader Joe's meatless meatballs, and they are OH so good! Even B loved them!

After my shower I cuddled with baby G a little to get him to sleep. His schedule got really messed up yesterday, and he was overly-tired, so he was fighting sleep pretty hard.

But he was still REALLY cute!

Then I got to help B make is first ever PowerPoint presentation for a project at school! He was so excited about it, and did such a good job with it; I was really proud of him!

Oh, and did I mention that it took me about three times as long to walk upstairs when I got home?? I guess that means I did it right...


  1. Sorry for your misery but this post had me laughing! Also, I'm very curious about these meatless meatballs - they look yummy!

    And of course, baby G is super adorable :)

    1. Trader Joe's frozen section- they we really good. I don't usually like to use "meat substitutes", but sometimes its just easier. These were worth it.

    2. Haha, it's okay, I was laughing when I was writing it, too. You'll definitely have to try the meatballs -- they're soy protein like most other meatless things, and they're probably my new favorite thing!

      And thanks! We think he's pretty cute!

  2. You didn't tell me you fell off the bike, LOL!

    1. Well I have to save SOME things for the blog!


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