Sunday, March 10, 2013

Skipping My First Race

It was a tough decision, but yesterday I decided to skip my first race ever (and first race of the season) -- the Anthem 5K.

On Wednesday I came down with something hard and fast. I tried all my usual tricks that have helped me shorten my colds over the last few years, but nothing seemed to help this time. By Wednesday night, I was in bed shivering with a fever. Thursday wasn't much better; I was still feverish and trying to rest so my body could fight this thing, all the while trying to avoid everyone else in the house so they wouldn't catch it.

After resting all day Thursday, I was finally starting to feel better Thursday night. On Friday, I just felt like I had a regular cold, so I was still thinking about doing the race.

But when I got up to feed the baby around 1am on Saturday morning, I couldn't hardly open my eyes from all the sinus pressure I had. I thought it would probably get better with sleep, but it was still there when we were up again around 5. I took some medicine, but when the alarm went off at 6:30 I still wasn't feeling great. I knew I could take more medicine and drink some coffee and trick my body into feeling okay to race, but since it was just a 5K, and since I knew I would be disappointed with my time (even if I said otherwise), I knew the best thing would be to sit this one out and come back even stronger at the 10K in two weeks.

So we went back to bed.

I'm disappointed that I had to skip the race, especially considering how the week started, but that's just how it goes sometimes. We went out to the park today with the baby and the dogs, and I did my long run with no problems, so at least it wasn't a total bust!

Here's how my week turned out compared to what it should have looked like. I ended up only missing an easy run (thanks to Jennifer for suggesting I do my tempo run on Tuesday)!

Week 4: 13 miles
  • 3/05 - Easy Run - 4 miles @ 9:28
  • 3/07 - Tempo Run - 4 miles; warm-up, 2mi @ 7:53, cool-down
  • 3/10 - Long Run - 5 miles @ 9:28
What I actually did:
  • 3/04 - Cross-Training - Spin Class
  • 3/05 - Tempo Run - 4 miles; warm-up, 2mi @ 7:53, cool-down
  • 3/10 - Long Run - 5 miles @ 9:22 (at the park with the dogs!)

Two other really awesome things came out of this week: 1) I actually got a good cross-training session in, and 2) I actually hit my tempo speeds (although it may have felt more like a speedwork run...)!

Hopefully I'll shake what's left of this cold and get back on track next week!


  1. Sorry you had to miss your race! Racing while sick isn't any fun, so it's probably for the best. I've done it, so take my word for it :) Good job getting a run done anyway!

    1. Thanks! It was 70 degrees today... it would have been a sin if I stayed inside all day!


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