Saturday, April 6, 2013

Papa Johh's 10 Miler Recap

This morning was the Papa John's 10 Miler. After partying it up at a wedding last night I wasn't exactly in the best condition for racing, but since it was the only race that Jen and baby G could make it to this spring, I decided just to suck it up and do it.

Amazingly, the baby slept really well for us last night. He didn't even wake up when we transferred him from his bed to the car seat!

And even though we were running a little bit late, we got everything together and were out the door in record time.

Grayson finally woke up as we were unloading the car, and when he did, he was all smiles.

Well, almost.

So the three of us walked to the start line, where we said our good-byes and I was off.

Have fun running, dad; I'm just gonna chew on my hand. 

Jen told me to run a smart race, so I made sure to hold my pace back for at least the first few miles until I was able to find a groove. Since I've been slacking on my training this year, and I might have drank a little more than I should have last night, I was sure that I would crash long before I saw the finish line.

That strategy was working really well for me. I think my average pace for most of the race was around 9:15/mile.
Not great, but not bad considering I had logged 10 miles already this week (when I've been averaging around 4 miles TOTAL for a week), three of which were consecutive as part of a tempo run where I held my average under 7:51/mile!
I even managed to hold onto that pace through the hills of Iroquois! (We gained over 1,100 feet of elevation during the race... I'm used to gaining maybe 100 running around our neighborhood).

As I was conquering the hills in the park, this was happening:

Pius Nyantika BEAT his PR from last year, setting a course record! (His average pace was 4:40/mile... UNREAL!!)

Coming out of the park is when I decided to start stepping the pace up. There's a nice little hill that propels you back down onto the flat road, so it's really just a matter of stretching out the momentum as far as you can.

Over the few miles back to the stadium I noticed my average pace creeping down toward the 9:00/mile mark that I was hoping to come in under. And my pace was holding pretty steady around 8:30, give or take a little.

The final test is the overpass right outside the stadium:

This thing is KILLER!

It's also very deceiving how far the finish line is still. You think you're in the clear once you cross over the overpass, but there's still about .75 miles left to go.

I was pretty beat by the end of it, but there's something about running around the field that just makes you feel special and makes you find another burst of speed.

Especially when your wife and baby are in the stands waiting to cheer you in.

Well, Jennifer was at least...

She ended up catching some sweet action shots of me too:

That's me in the blue.

Officially, I came in at 1:30:32, which is right where I thought I'd end up. (Only about 4 minutes slower than last year's PR!)

I'm not sure how, but the race really helped my hangover (sweating it out, maybe?). But I've definitely learned my lesson - no drinking before races anymore.

Well, I guess a beer wouldn't hurt ;)

We had to rush home so Jen could go to work, which gave me and G some good quality time.

What a great day!


  1. That race looked so crowded. I got claustrophobia just looking at the pictures, but I did enjoy mentally mocking the chick with the fuel belt with two gels for a 10 mile race.

    1. Oh it was so crowded, and since I started a little late I was weaving pretty much the whole race (my Garmin had it as 10.17 miles).

      This one had 6,179 finishers, while the half-marathon coming up at the end of the month will probably have around 15,000! (At least they use corrals for that one!)


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