Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Naming the Stout, and the Final Recipe

Earlier this year when I decided to get back into brewing, I announced that my comeback brew would be a big Russian Imperial Stout.

I have a thing for big, dark, roasty, chocolately, malty beers -- something worthy of sipping on around a campfire.

Over the last few weeks I've finalized the recipe, purchased the ingredients, cleaned my existing equipment and bought/made new equipment that I needed, and brewed a much smaller beer as a test batch on my new equipment.

I'm all set to brew -- just waiting to block out the time and get to work!

The Name

I want to give a big thanks out to everyone who submitted name ideas -- you don't even understand how excited it makes me that so many people are getting excited about something I'm making.

This thing is really starting to form an identity, and I'm absolutely loving it!

Without further adieu, this beer will henceforth be referred to as...

KGB Stout

That name seemed to fit what I was looking for perfectly. Thanks Laura!!
Side note: the original submission used KGB as an acronym for "Kentucky Gentleman's Brew." While I LOVE the bourbon reference, I decided not to use it as the official name because (as best I can tell) Kentucky Gentleman is actually a blended bourbon whiskey, comprised of 51% bourbon and 49% grain alcohol. Being the bourbon snob I am now (which is allowed since I've done the bourbon tour and I'm an official member of the Bourbon Boys), any bourbon going into this beer will be 100% bourbon.

The Recipe

9.5lbs Maris OtterMash
2lbs 2-RowMash
1lb Dark English Malt (140L - 160L)Mash
1lb Munich MaltMash
1lb Flaked BarleyMash
1lb Special B MaltMash
14oz Chocolate MaltMash
6oz Quaker Quick OatsMash
4oz Roasted BarleyMash
2oz Black Patent MaltMash
2oz CarapilsMash
3.3lbs Maris Otter Extract (1 can)Boil - 105 min
8oz Malto-DextrinBoil - 105 min
2oz Nugget Hops (13% AA)Boil - 60 min
1tsp Yeast NutrientBoil - 15 min
1tsp Irish MossBoil - 15 min
2packets Safale US-05Yeast
4oz Corn SugarPriming Sugar

The potential specs:My RecipeOriginal Recipe
Original Gravity:1.1031.120
Final Gravity:1.0281.030
Color:Black (56° SRM)Black (53 SRM)
Bitterness:73.6 IBU76
Alcohol:10.0%11 - 12%
Calories:340 / 12 ozNot sure

Note that the hop additions might change based on my efficiency, as well as the total IBUs, alcohol percentage, and calories.
I've played with this recipe a TON and it looks like I forgot to add some extra 2-Row or malt extract to my recipe -- that's why mine is now coming it at 10% abv instead of 11-12%. After trying a few more stouts that were around 9-10%, I'm okay falling a little short there (they were pretty "hot" for my taste), although I might be a little disappointed if my original gravity isn't over 100...
So that's where I currently am with this one. I'm REALLY hoping to be able to brew it sometime in the next two weeks, and you can be sure that I'll take tons of pictures when I do!


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