Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What's New on the Racing Front

Well I haven't been training lately, which explains why I haven't been posting about it much, but that's gonna be changing soon.

Jennifer decided that she's going to do Tri for Sight again this fall in Lexington (at UK), so I'm thinking of signing up for the duathlon they offer.

Note: it looks like their site is down. Here are the details if you're interested.
I never really liked the swimming thing (which is weird because I love being in water), so I'm thinking a run-bike-run is more my speed.

Course Details

3.1 mile run
10 mile bike
3.1 mile run

I'm really hoping to improve my 5K time, and I think there's a good possibility of that happening since I'm not really going for distance/endurance this time (although running right after biking definitely adds an interesting twist to things).

The other issue I need to work on is my cycling. Simply put, I just have zero cycling endurance. My pace from the only two races I've done that involved cycling were:

Triathlon #1: 15.9 mph average over 11 miles (on my Schwinn with cages)
Triathlon #2: 17.0 mph average over just under 16 miles (on a borrowed Trek also with cages)

Here's a little comparison of the two races, which were about 3 weeks apart (click to make it bigger):

Note that the courses are different, so it's not a direct comparison.

So while I improved some over those few weeks, I still have a ways to go. And yeah, I haven't even gotten my bike out this year, so there's that...

I'm REALLY excited to get out and train for something again. And I'm excited to start mixing it up again. I love running, but I also love the added complexity of adding another sport into the mix and having to transition back and forth. It keeps the training interesting, and the cross-training helps with the injury-avoidance, too.

To top it all off, we just switched gyms, so now we have a lap pool and a track at our disposal, so it really would be a crime to not take advantage of them (not to mention excellent childcare where we can leave the boys for up to 2 hours!).

Let's du this!

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