Monday, November 4, 2013

Biggest Loser 5K - Race Recap

This past Saturday baby G "ran" his first race -- the Biggest Loser 5K!

It was nice that the race didn't start until 8:30am, but since it was an hour away we still had to get up pretty early. Luckily Jennifer took care of getting baby G ready so I could focus on getting everything I needed together. Thanks babe!

When we finally arrived, we were greeted with one of the prettiest sunrises I've seen in a long time.

The race was being held at the Kentucky Horse Park during the Alltech National Horse Show. I had never been to the park before, but it was huge and very well-maintained.

We arrived a little after 8:00am -- just enough time to get ready, pick up our packets, and line up for the 8:30am start time.

Baby G all bundled up
The packet pickup was quick, and since we were able to park pretty close I was able to run back to the car to drop off my swag before heading back to line up.

We ended up having even more time than I realized because the 5K didn't start with the 15K like the website says:

Instead, the 5K didn't get started until right around 9:00am, which would have been nice to know ahead of time since it was in the mid-40s and I had the baby. Then again, it was nice to not be rushing to the starting line as the race is starting (which has happened to us on more than one occasion).

We used the extra time for a little pre-race photo-op.

It was about as crowded as I thought it would be. I'm not good at estimating just how many people were there, but there was a good crowd hanging around waiting for the 5K after the 15K had already taken off.

The website didn't say if strollers were permitted or not, so I emailed the race director who said they were okay as long as I stayed to the back (which I would have done anyway). But the way they did the corral made it difficult to really determine where the best place to line up was.

It's kinda hard to tell in the pictures above, but we were hanging out just outside the starting corral, toward the back of the crowd. Instead of a typical countdown and "go" for everyone, they started groups of people in waves.

About 2 waves back at this point
Since this race really was for all ages and abilities, and the course was pretty narrow (more on that in a second), it really wouldn't have mattered where we lined up.

We were roped off right at the front of our wave, which gave me a good opportunity to grab a picture of Dan Evans, our host for the morning and previous Biggest Loser contestant from season 5.

Back when Jennifer and I first got into running, watching The Biggest Loser was part of our normal routine, and I remember seeing Dan on the show. He has made an incredible transformation!

After a few minutes, our wave was off.

I started way too fast:
     a) to be running with a stroller
     b) for having only 7 "training" runs under my belt leading up to this race (only 4 of which came after I knew I'd be running it)
     c) for the terrain of the course

Low 7s right out of the gate -- who do I think I am??
Speaking of the terrain, the race director did say that part of the course was on grass, so I might want to reconsider bringing the baby along.

Well things didn't start out too bad...

Note that even though I started out at the very front of my wave, I quickly caught up with the other waves already out on the course
...but after just a short stretch on the pavement and gravel path, we set off around the perimeter of some horse fields:

The fields were pretty rough. They had mowed right up against the fence, but the course was pretty congested since everyone was going at different speeds. To avoid zig-zagging and potentially running into someone, I followed another guy (who happened to be pushing a double stroller) and stayed just outside the course markers.

Although that helped with the congestion, it meant I was running in the thicker, unmowed portion of the field.

That just means I was burning even more calories.
Oh, and the double stroller guy was way ahead of me at this point. Show off.
In all, about 1/3 of the course was in the grass (the circles to the left):

We exited the fields onto the paved path that we started on. It was nice to be on the smooth road again, but that's when the hills came.

Running up the hills was just about as tough as running through the fields, but at least that meant it was all downhill to the finish. And baby G sure does love going fast -- he was really vocal as we were flying down those hills.

Okay, I confess -- I jumped on the stroller and rolled down
I tried to get a video of baby's reaction at the finish, but I didn't really have a good angle, so here are some cute pictures of him with his medal instead.

Look at his little red nose!
According to my Garmin, we came in right around the 29 minute mark (which is a whole 5 minutes slower than my PR... eek!). But at least we negative split it!

After the race we headed to the car for a bit so we could both warm up a little.

Then we headed over to the Alltech Arena to check out the horse show and booths in there.

Apparently the Kentucky Gathering event going on there featured beer samples from ten different microbreweries from across the Commonwealth, and they even had a sensory panel where you could learn how to be a beer or bourbon judge, so you know where I was heading!

But unfortunately things didn't get started in there until noon, and that's right around when baby G needed to be going down for his nap so we couldn't stick around to check it out.

So we just walked around the arena, saw some cool booths and a little bit of the show, then we hit the road and headed back home.

The different brews of Alltech
How the bourbon barrels are made
The beer brewing process
The history of beer
All in all, I think Grayson had a good time with his first race. He was very vocal on the course, especially toward the end coming down those hills.

And he seemed to be pretty proud of his medal, too.


Hopefully this is just the first of many races to come with him.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: Grayson and I ended up placing 2nd in our age group!

I didn't think they were giving out age group awards, but it looks like they were!

Man, we totally missed out on that one!


  1. You let the double stroller guy beat you?? Hahaha for shame! I've never taken a stroller in a big race like that, so I'm impressed with your bravery. I do small town casual races...that stay on pavement :)

    Nice race!

    1. Oh he killed me. I'm pretty sure I beat the lady who brought the regular stroller, though. That would have been embarrassing!

  2. So you didn't win the stroller division then? Disappointed.


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