Tuesday, December 3, 2013

KGB Stout - Brew Review


% alcohol:~9.4%
Color:Black (54 SRM)
Original Gravity:1.103
Final Gravity:1.031
Brew Day:5/25/2013
First Tasting:10/19/2013
Style:Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout

The king of stouts, boasting high alcohol by volumes and plenty of malt character. Low to moderate levels of carbonation with huge roasted, chocolate and burnt malt flavours. Often dry. Suggestions of dark fruit and flavors of higher alcohols are quite evident. Hop character can vary from none, to balanced to aggressive.

Tasting Notes

Smokey and thick; heavy. Exactly what I was going for. The high alcohol level is hidden well, but this beer is definitely still a slow drinker (it's one to savor). The roasted barley comes through nicely -- glad I added a little more than the original recipe called for.

I split this batch into three smaller batches. One batch was soaked on oak chips (cut from a bourbon barrel stave and soaked in Buffalo Trace bourbon for a week) for a couple of months. (It was only supposed to be a week or two, but time got away from me.)

I added cold-brewed coffee to the second batch, and the third batch was left alone.

Of the three, the batch that was soaked on the bourbon oak chips is by far my favorite. So much so that I like to add a splash of bourbon to the others (although that's not quite the same).

For the coffee batch I used our everyday morning coffee, which was a terrible idea. The idea is good, but the flavor just isn't right. Next time I try that I'm either going to have to get a better coffee (like an espresso roast), or just go buy some espresso and use that.

The Recipe

9.5lbs Maris OtterMash
2lbs 2-RowMash
1lb Dark English Malt (140L - 160L)Mash
1lb Munich MaltMash
1lb Flaked BarleyMash
1lb Special B MaltMash
14oz Chocolate MaltMash
6oz Quaker Quick OatsMash
4oz Roasted BarleyMash
2oz Black Patent MaltMash
2oz CarapilsMash
3.3lbs Maris Otter Extract (1 can)Boil - 105 min
8oz Malto-DextrinBoil - 105 min
2oz Nugget Hops (13% AA)Boil - 60 min
1tsp Yeast NutrientBoil - 15 min
1tsp Irish MossBoil - 15 min
2packets Safale US-05Yeast
4oz Corn SugarPriming Sugar

Other Pictures

It pours a decent head that fades quickly


A tiny head persists as you drink it

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