Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Things: New Running Gear!!

November was a MUCH better month for training for me:

Look at all those runs!

But all that running started to rekindle those nagging knee issues that have plagued my running career and ruined my first marathon.

This time, though, I'm hoping to correct the issue before it has a chance to develop into anything more serious. Since it was more of a "my knees feel tight" than "my knees are in pain" kind of thing, I knew it was most likely my shoes.

Adding up the mileage -- 438 miles -- confirmed my suspicion.

So the weekend before last Jennifer and I headed out and picked me up some new running shoes. I ended up getting the New Balance 860s again, since I know they work for me (that's the only shoe I've owned, and they work well for me as long as I keep an eye on the mileage). And I was able to save a little money by picking up last year's model. Score!

The new shoes are the perfect accessory to the new running watch Jennifer gave me for Christmas!

Since we're both training for things and were going to get each other new watches anyway, we thought it would be silly to wait until Christmas to give them to each other. Since she's still doing the triathlon thing, I ended up getting her the Garmin 310xt, which is a true multi-sport watch (unlike her old Garmin 405), and it's fully waterproof so she can take it swimming with her.
My old running watch was a Garmin 205 (which I inherited from Jennifer when she upgraded to the 405). It did the trick and tracked my running, but it wasn't compatible with a heart rate strap, and I'm really curious about incorporating heart rate zones in my training.

The 610 is MUCH sleeker!

I would have just taken her old 405, but I don't really like the shape and size of it, and I absolutely hate the touch bezel on it.

So far I've done a handful of runs with the 610 and I absolutely LOVE it. My favorite things are being able to use the touch screen with gloves on (something I wish my phone could do!), and the wireless upload. I had SO much trouble trying to get data off the old watch -- it would freeze my browser and I'd usually have to kill it a few times and/or switch to another browser before it would finally work. Now, the watch vibrates as soon as I walk in the house telling me it uploaded the run.

Last but certainly not least, we also picked up the weather shield for our BOB stroller. Winter has officially set in, so this has become an absolute necessity since there will be times when I have to run outside in the cold with the baby in order to fit all of my miles in.

I took it out for a test run last week and it worked really well. I had trouble getting it on (which wasn't fun in 25 degree weather while baby G was in the car crying), and I never could figure out what to do with these little straps on the sides, but even so it kept him pretty warm through the four miles (it shielded him from the wind, which is the most important thing).

Look at our boy rockin that pink paci

So now I'm just hoping we have a pretty mild winter so I can get most of my runs in outside instead of on the treadmill. Which, for the most part, is where I'll be running as long as there's no ice on the ground. I think that's going to be one important factor of staying injury free this time.

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. I think the straps you're talking about hook under and velcro onto the top of the cover (by the handle bar. They aren't really functional, but they annoy me when they hang so I wanted to let you know where they go :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I eventually figured that out (and they really aren't functional). I got to the park expecting just to toss that thing over the top of the stroller and go, and got so frustrated when it turned out to be like 20 steps. Ask Jennifer, I was still angry about it a few days later. haha


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