Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let's Go to the Beach!

With highs in the single digits today (and wind chills dipping into the negative double digits), I thought it might be nice to come back from my impromptu holiday break with a little recap of baby G's first trip to the beach last summer.

I was a little worried about taking a 6 month old to the beach, but we were able to talk some friends of ours (and their two kids, plus one on the way!) into joining us, so that made me feel better about it. At least that way if some of us had to go back to the room (for naps or lunch or whatever), we could split up and some of us could stay down at the beach so we wouldn't have to pack everything up.

I was also worried about making the 9 hour drive with the baby. It's hard enough as it is; it would have been really painful with a screaming baby in the back. So we decided our best bet was to load up the car and head out just before midnight and drive through the night.

Grayson was a little confused about everything...

...but he was still his usual, happy self.

We made it down without incident -- the baby slept the whole way, only waking up to eat before passing out again. It really worked perfectly.

And he really took to the beach well. Look at his inner beach bum coming through on the first day:

I'm well aware that we are extremely lucky to have such a laid-back baby, but he still surprised me on this trip. He wasn't bothered by being out of his element at all.

Sand? Oh, I'm probably supposed to eat it.

This little shovel?

Oh I get it, I use it to eat MORE sand!

He really seemed to like the water, too. We got him a little float that had a palm tree on it so he could get a little shade, and he really seemed to like floating out in the water in it.

We were really hoping we could get him to nap down at the beach, and we found this little half-tent thingy that would keep him shaded. I think it was like $40, and it was worth every penny!

We also picked up a camping fan since the tent held in the heat.

Who needs one of those little noise machines? I got an ocean!

And actually, there were quite a few times we had him out in the water, and I guess the waves were really soothing 'cause we'd look over and he'd be asleep.

Beach life is hard, yo

Yeah, he didn't really seem to care where he was, if he was tired, he went to sleep.

Okay, enough cute sleeping baby pictures. That last one was at a go kart place, where it was SO. HOT. Yep, still not fazed. We put him in his tank top so he'd stay cool.

We also went on a dolphin cruise while we were there. It wasn't the best, but we did see a few dolphins (and personally, I just like being out on boats).

Look at him rockin his little old man hat!

Since I know you were wondering, yes, being on the boat put him to sleep, too.

I'm so glad I didn't let my hesitations stop us from going -- we had such a good time, and made so many great memories.


We also learned that baby powder is THE BEST when it comes to getting sand off a baby.

I can't wait to take the boys back again. I REALLY wish we were back there now!

Wherever you are, I hope you're staying warm!

As always, thanks for reading!


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