Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Baby Beckham Update

So our little boy is 4 months old now... when did that happen??

Man, this has been a busy summer. From Brendan swimming 5 days a week until mid-July, to trips to Holiday World and the lake and Cincinnati, to new and exciting things happening at work (for both me and Jennifer), we've been BUSY!


We're so, so lucky with Baby Beckham, though. He really has been such an easy baby in just about every way. He just sort of goes along with things (because he just has to, really).

This kid is a chunky monkey for sure. He's been in the 98th and 96th percentile for weight at his last two checkups. We got the green light for solids from the doctor at his 4 month checkup at the end of last month, but things have been going so well that we haven't crossed that boundary just yet.


At Birth 2 Months 4 Months
Weight: 8 lbs, 5 oz 15 lbs, 11 oz (98th percentile) 18 lbs, 9 oz (96th percentile)
Length: 21 inches 25 inches (96th percentile) 25 3/4 inches (78th percentile)

And I'm sure it's probably right on track, but it just seems like he's doing everything so early. He's just about sitting up, and he loves standing while he holds onto your fingers, and he's just so much more vocal than I remember Grayson being this early.

He's trying to catch up with his bigger brothers, that's for sure.

Let's see... what else? He's been flipping over from belly to back for a while now, and he just started scooting backwards (yesterday, actually).

One of my favorite things (which I may regret saying because I'm probably jinxing us) is that he likes to be put in bed while he's awake. You see, I kinda maybe got Grayson in the bad habit of being rocked to sleep (shocking, I know). But the times where we try to cuddle and rock Baby Beckham to sleep, he's pushing off and fighting us the whole time. He just wants to be laid down.

And for a while now he's been in a pretty good daily routine. It usually goes something like this:

7 - 8:00am Wake up
9/9:30am Short nap (20 or 30 minutes)
noon Long nap (2 to 3 hours)
4:30/5:00pm Short nap (about an hour)
7:30 Bath
8 - 8:30pm Bedtime
3 - 3:30am Wakes up to eat

For the last couple of days, though, he's been an eating machine and not really taking long naps (probably because he's only going about 1.5 hours between eating instead of the normal 3). Hopefully it's just a little growth spurt and he'll settle back into his routine soon.

So that's the abridged version of what's been happening with our little guy these last four months.
I'd like to think things are going to slow down a little as the weather cools off, but I have a feeling that won't really happen. And that's okay. I am hoping to find some time to get back into blogging a little, but we all know how my track record on that has been.

For now, I'm just going to leave you with some random cute pictures of Jennifer's little mini-me.


He's fitting in pretty well over here. :)


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